Second Patent for Electric Kawasaki Mule Released

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
second patent for electric kawasaki mule released
Liquid cooling system for electric components the focus of patent

In 2014 we discovered a Kawasaki patent for an electric UTV that appeared to be built on the Mule platform. Some 16 months later, another patent related to the electric Mule has been released.

While the original patent covered the vehicle in general, the new patent deals specifically with liquid cooling system for the electric components.

Electric Kawasaki Mule Diagram

The patent goes into great detail on how the system could be utilized and you can see the entire document here. However, the big news for us is that this is still being worked on by Kawasaki. Kawasaki has been pushing the Mule line hard in the last year or so with the new Pro-FXT/Pro-FX and Pro DXT/DX models. An electric Mule would be an interesting addition to the lineup and we wouldn’t be surprised to see it officially announced in the next year or two.

Electric Kawasaki Mule Diagram