QuadBoss Introduces New Mud Radial Tires and ATV Ramps

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
8-ply tires come with 1.25" lugs and built-in rim guard

QuadBoss has beefed up its off-road lineup with new QBT 672 Mud Radial tires and QuadLite ATV ramps.

QBT 672 Mud Radial Tires

QuadBoss’ newest tire, the QBT 672 Mud Radial, is manufactured with a directional tread design and aggressive 1.25″ Mud Lugs to help push you through soft and muddy terrain. As well, a built-in rim guard is designed to protect your wheels from trail damage.

“These long life radial tires are built to last two to three times longer than Bias tires,” QuadBoss says in a release.

QuadBoss QBT 672 Mud Radial tires are available in the following sizes:

26x9R-12 – 28.2 lbs

26x12R-12 – 36 lbs

27x9R-12 – 32.4 lbs

27x11R-12 – 36.5 lbs

27x9R-14 – 31.9 lbs

27x11R-14 – 35.6 lbs

30x10R-14 – 40 lbs

QuadLite ATV Ramps
QuadBoss QuadLite Bi-Fold Ramp

QuadLite Aluminum Bi-Fold Ramp

In addition to the new Mud Radial tire, QuadBoss has also unveiled a pair of new QuadLite ATV ramps to help you load your ATV onto your truck or trailer.

“The QuadLite Aluminum Bi-Fold Ramp is a heavy-duty, durable bi-fold ramp that is manufactured with fully welded construction yet is lightweight and compact, allowing for easy storage,” says QuadBoss.

This ramp features heavy-duty hinges and joints welded to the ramp to provide additional strength and stability. A rubber coating on the ramp protects the user’s tailgate from damage during loading and unloading. The ramp is 48” x 69” and can handle up to 1,250 pounds. Adjustable security straps, which are recommended during use, come standard, along with a two-year warranty.

The QuadLite XL Aluminum Folding Arch Ramp is a lightweight ramp that features extruded rectangular side rails, which are designed to help prevent bending when in use.

QuadBoss QuadLite Arch Ramps

QuadLite XL Aluminum Folding Arch Ramp

“Manufactured with fully welded aluminum construction, these durable ramps have been equipped with cross sections, heavy-duty hinges and welded joints to support more weight,” says QuadBoss.

The ends of the QuadLite XL have rubber-coated tabs to protect the tailgate. As well, a tread gripping mesh surface is designed to enable quicker loading and unloading. Like the Bi-Fold Ramp, this ramp also comes with adjustable security straps and a two-year warranty. The ramps are 12” x 89” each with a capacity of 750 pounds, 1,500 pounds when used as a pair.

Both the QBT 671 Mud Radial tire and the QuadLite ramps can be ordered through your local Tucker Rocky | Biker’s Choice dealer.

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