How the Can-Am Defender Makes Your Fishing Trip Better + Video

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The problem with the best fishing spots is that other people inevitably find out about them, making it hard to get away from the crowds and land the big one. But if you happen to have a Can-Am Defender at your disposal, you can leave the crowds behind and find a new “best” fishing spot.

Here’s how a Can-Am Defender can make your next fishing trip better.

Off-Road Ability

The Can-Am Defender can go where no truck can follow. It’s compact enough to squeeze through narrow paths with tree branches poking out at every angle and capable enough to easily handle steep climbs and the nastiest terrain. This can lead you to a fishing spot you couldn’t reach by truck and is too far away for those on foot. If you bring a GPS unit with you, you can mark the best fishing spots so you can find them again and again.

Carrying Your Gear

The Can-Am Commander has lots of room for all your fishing accessories. You can even set it up with storage options to suit all of your needs. And if you want to bring a boat along with you, you can tow it behind or strap it down.

Room for a Friend or Two

Sometimes you want to bring some friends along with you. Fortunately, the Can-Am Defender seats three, so there’s room for some passengers and their gear. You may want to install a stereo system so you can listen to some music when you get back to camp to celebrate a successful catch.

Capable Performer

Even loaded with three people and up to 1,000 pounds of gear in the bed, the Can-Am Defender capable of getting you to your next spot quickly and easily. But you way want to invest in some gear grips to makes sure all your stuff stays secure.

It’s Fun

Some days the fish just aren’t biting, but when you’ve got a Can-Am Defender you can still have fun. Just buckle up and go for a ride. It may be a Utility UTV, but the Defender still knows how to rip. With some accessory lighting installed, you can stay out on the trails well into the night.

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