Check Out This Insane Homemade ATV + Video

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
Backyard mechanic gets creative with his ATV

Few things make us happier than seeing backyard mechanics build ridiculous machines. This homemade ATV definitely falls into that category.

We don’t know much about this interesting contraption – it’s just something we stumbled across on YouTube this morning. The video description doesn’t offer a whole lot of insight outside of a couple of key details.

From what we can gather, each wheel of this homemade ATV has its own engine and the person who uploaded the video says the entire thing weighs in at just 88 pounds. That seems impossible for a vehicle with four engines on board, small as they might be.

Of course, what stands out the most are the tires. While no measurements are provided, we’d guess they stand between four and five feet tall. Basically, four large, blue innertubes act as tires here and the homemade ATV seems to be just as adept in the water as it is on land. And with those big balloon tires soaking up the bumps, the inventor didn’t have to worry about shocks or suspension of any kind.

Top speed is listed at about 25 mph. That’s not terribly fast, but we aren’t sure going too much faster on this contraption would be a great idea anyway. Just look at how much those axles are flexing.

Lucas Cooney
Lucas Cooney

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