Just Shocking: Polaris and FOX Team Up and Develop New Shocks for RZR

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

You’d be hard pressed to find an off-road gearhead disagreeing with the notion that Polaris has some of the best shock technology in the UTV market. The DYNAMIX system allows riders to adjust the firmness of their rig’s dampers with a few pokes at the Ride Command screen, while some variants of the RZR have the tremendous red ‘X’ button on the steering wheel which a driver can mash if they need the suspension to go into full attack at a moment’s notice. In short, it’s a tremendous piece of kit.

Building on that, Polaris and FOX teamed up to develop the DYNAMIX DV suspension, set to show up in short order on the new RZR Pro R. This time around, the suspenders will pack enough smarts to independently control compression and rebound, a trait which should deliver otherworldly ride and handling characteristics while tackling the roughest terrain.

Software upgrade!

Described as one of the largest suspension programs Polaris has ever done, the team spent just as much effort on the software side of DYNAMIX DV as they did on the hardware. The quartet of drive modes change from the standard DYNAMIX suspension, now offering Comfort, Baja, Track, and Rock. The latter is especially interesting, since it features the industry’s first angle management system, permitting the Pro R to lean into a slope and maintain stability when crawling through rocky terrain. That should remove some ‘brown pants’ moments while traversing places like the notorious Johnson Valley and we can’t wait to try it out.

The aptly named Baja mode is a prime example of how different compression and rebound dampings can help smooth out a ride and permit the driver to retain maximum control. In this mode, intended to be used while the Pro R bombs through high speed desert terrain, DYNAMIX DV will serve up high compression damping and low rebound damping, creating a high dynamic ride height to maintain stability. A special calibration of the power steering designed to eliminate bump steer will also help in this environment.

DYNAMIX DV suspenders are available now on two- and four-seat versions of the RZR Pro R Ultimate and RZR Turbo R Ultimate.

Matthew Guy
Matthew Guy

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