2019 Suzuki KingQuad Lineup Preview

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
The 2019 Suzuki KingQuad lineup has been unveiled and while the model names sound familiar, a long list of upgrades is hiding underneath the plastics.

We were lucky enough to be among the first to get a look at the 2019 Suzuki KingQuad lineup at the official unveiling in Charlotte, NC. Suzuki has long been at the forefront of the ATV industry, but after a decade of more or less standing pat, we were excited to see what was under the covers.

What we saw was a new 2019 Suzuki KingQuad 750 and KingQuad 500. Both of those names are familiar to any long-time ATV enthusiast, but outside of engine displacement, much has changed for the KingQuad family.

2019 Suzuki KingQuad Models

2019 Suzuki KingQuad Family

First things first, there are a total of six KingQuad models available for 2019 – three for each engine. The base KingQuad 750AXi and KingQuad 500 AXi come with standard steering and steel wheels and are available in either Flame Red or Terra Green colors. Next up are the KingQuad 750 AXi Power Steering and KingQuad 500 AXi Power Steering, which feature electronic power steering and steel wheels and are available in Flame Red, Terra Green, Solid White or Camouflage. The KingQuad 750 AXI Power Steering SE features cast aluminum wheels and is dressed in Solid White. Finally, the KingQuad 500AXI Power Steering SE+ also features cast aluminum wheels, but is available in either Matte Black or Matte Bronze colors. Prices have not yet been revealed.

Outward appearance is similar to KingQuads of old, but the bodywork is more angular. The key new visible feature, though, is the handlebar-mounted headlight. This light is designed to illuminate the trail in front of the handlebars – ideal for cornering. A new LED taillight is integrated into the bodywork.

Increased Capability

2019 Suzuki KingQuad Towing

Beyond looks, however, the new 2019 Suzuki KingQuad lineup is designed to be more capable. A new frame boasts beefier tubes and updated brackets. This results in increased capacities. Towing capacity for all models is now 1,323 pounds – up from 992 pounds on the outgoing KingQuad ATVs. As well, the trailer hitch has been upgraded from a flange mount to a receiver type, which allows users to change hitch and ball types quickly and easily.

Engine and Braking

2019 Suzuki KingQuad Engine

While the engine displacements haven’t changed for 2019, Suzuki didn’t leave the engines alone. According to Suzuki, refinements were made to improve engine performance and reliability. Suzuki says the KingQuads have more available power than ever with easy to control power delivery. In particular, Suzuki says the ability to accelerate from a stop has been improved.

To improve engine durability, a piston oil jet has been added to the crankcase to spray cooling oil on the underside of the piston. As well, the oil pump’s main rotor in thicker to increase pump output from 7.6 L/min. to 9.5 L/min.

2019 Suzuki KingQuad Brake

Braking is another area of improvement for the 2019 Suzuki KingQuad lineup. The brake pad, pedal and fluid line of the front brake have been “optimized” for better feedback, while the lever ratio of the rear brake has also been “optimized” for improved performance.

Suspension and Steering

Another area of improvement is steering and stabilization. According to Suzuki, changes were made to the suspension, steering geometry, power steering and rear stabilizer.

“The new steering system alignment and settings have been subtly changed to create a slight under-steer characteristic that delivers lower steering effort and a more settled feeling while cornering,” says Suzuki.

2019 Suzuki KingQuad Rear Suspension

The front shock absorbers have been changed to a gas-charged design, while the size of the shock body and internal valving has increased.

Power steering effort has been reduced and the electric steering motor capacity is 40% larger.

Finally, Suzuki addressed undesired chassis movement with a larger rear stabilizer bar for increased rigidity and the stabilizer bar’s bushings are made of softer material to reduce shock transmission into the chassis.


2019 Suzuki KingQuad Storage

Suzuki engineers have long favored storage space and this continues for 2019 with three sealed compartments designed to keep moisture and dust out. Front fender storage capacity is 2.8L, while two storage areas are found in the rear, each with 4.0L of capacity.

Info Display

2019 Suzuki KingQuad Info Display

Completing the list of upgrades for the 2019 Suzuki KingQuad lineup is a new multi-function instrument panel. This LCD offers up improved visibility thanks to white backlighting of the panel. As well, a new service reminder uses a wrench icon to in the upper left corner of the display to prompt the owner when it’s time for routine maintenance.

2019 Suzuki KingQuad Action 2
2019 Suzuki KingQuad Camo
2019 Suzuki KingQuad White
2019 Suzuki KingQuad Action 03
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