With Textron’s latest Sport UTV getting everybody’s attention recently, we thought we’d show you some of our favorite Wildcat XX accessories.

One thing was very apparent at the recent Rally on the Rocks in Moab, Utah a couple of weeks ago – there are a lot of people jumping at the hot, new Textron Off-Road Wildcat XX. The XX display always had a crowd of people around it and quite a few had already made their way out on the trail with their new machines. Dealerships are reporting great sales, with all the dealerships near my home saying that they sell them as soon as they come in. Great power, amazing suspension and an extremely comfortable ride have more than one industry professional labeling them as the machine to get in the sport category.

As with any new UTV, the aftermarket is ready with a plethora of Wildcat XX accessories personalized and tailored to your own riding style and region. Obviously, a machine this new and popular is going to see an explosion of new products the longer it is available and right now there is a remarkable amount of stuff on the market. Here are five great new products you might want to add to your own XX to make it more “you.”

KMC Wheels XS228 Machete Beadlock

KMC Wheels XS228 Machete Beadlock

Part of KMC’s XD Series, the Machete beadlock wheels offer strength and style. They are lightweight and extremely strong, having been tested under brutal race conditions. They have recessed valve stems to protect that vital piece from damage when on the trail. The beadlock rim protects the tires from sharp rocks and other trailside damage. The 15-inch rear model costs just over $200 and works just as good as it looks. When it comes to Wildcat XX accessories, new wheels are a great place to start.

Assault Industries Striker Front Bumper with Skid Plate 

 Assault Industries Striker Front Bumper with Skid Plate

Protect the front end of your new Wildcat XX with this low-profile, heavy-gauge tube steel front bumper from Assault Industries. Powder-coated black, this bumper bolts on in minutes thanks to existing threaded holes in the XX frame. The skid plate is machines from raw aluminum and the whole unit does not interfere with airflow. Best of all, it’s 100-percent made in the USA. Get one for your new Cat today!

CST Lobo RC Tires

CST Lobo RC Tires

We got to see CST Lobo RC tires in operation out at the Rally and they were seriously hooking up well. With an 8-ply construction, these tires have a fast-rolling center tread paired with stepped shoulder knobs for unprecedented control. They work great for rock crawling and exceed DOT standards for those who have street-legalized aspirations. They’d be a great pair for the KMC wheels, too – these Wildcat XX accessories offer a performance difference you can feel.

Tusk Half Windshield

Tusk Half Windshield

If you’re like me, you like a half-windshield over a full for most applications. It helps keep the wind from blowing your away, but still allows enough in to keep you cool on a hot ride. This half windshield from Tusk is scratch resistant, a must for any serious off-roader, and is removable in minutes, should you want to take it off. It is made from 3/16-inch polycarbonate and is CNC routed for precise fit. It is also made in the USA. A great addition your Wildcat XX for just over $100, too.

Assault Industries Dash Mount for Apple iPad Mini

Assault Industries Dash Mount for Apple iPad Mini

It’s amazing the information you can upload onto a tablet, like Apple’s iPad Mini. They are becoming more valuable on the trail and more common for those looking for information and communication while enjoying a ride. Assault Industries has developed a mount for the iPad Mini for your new Wildcat XX. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally and is a direct bolt-in kit requiring no modification to your UTV. You can slide in your iPad and it instantly becomes a multi-media infotainment center for your vehicle, letting you use mapping, GPS, and other communication services, as well as storing music and video files for your entertainment along the way. This is one of the most useful Wildcat XX accessories available.



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