ITP has just introduced the ATV/UTV industry’s first production snow and ice tire – the TundraCross.

The all-new TundraCross features 96 carbide-tipped steel case studs that are strategically placed for maximum performance on ice and snow. The TundraCross is based on ITP’s TerraCross R/T XD design, and features fully sipped (thinly cut) lugs, which are designed to provide more traction-grabbing edges and maximum traction in loose, slippery conditions.

Its tough 6-ply bias construction is light in weight and offers excellent flotation to keep the tire “on top” of the snow. A rim guard keeps snow and ice out of the bead area and protects the wheel lip. The TundraCross debuts in two sizes: 25×9-12 and 25×10-12.

“These carbon studs have no mercy on whatever surface they come in contact with, not only clawing their way through ice and snow but over frozen logs and dirt,” says Minnesota-based Rox Speed FX, who assisted in the development of the tire. “With the TundraCross mounted we now welcome the onset of winter and all its changes and challenges. The TundraCross adds one more season of capability to any utility/4×4 ATV or side-by-side UTV, helping to put the ‘all’ in all-terrain.”

For more information on the new TundraCross tires, visit

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