Maine ATV and snowmobile clubs are trying to ensure injured riders have access to emergency medical attention on the trails.

Club leaders are working with LifeFlight of Maine to prepare up to 3,000 helicopter landing zones along Maine’s 17,000 miles of off-road and snowmobile trails.

Though setting up 3,000 landing zones sounds like a huge amount of work, many zones would require little work to become operational. A landing zone could be as little a parking lot, an intersection between two roads or an open field. As long as the area is clear of trees and power lines and has less than an eight-degrees slope a helicopter can land.

LifeFlight helicopter (Image courtesy of LifeFlight of Maine)LifeFlight helicopter (Image courtesy of LifeFlight of Maine)

According to a Bangor Daily News report, ATV Maine and LifeFlight are hoping to have 1,000 landing zones ready in time for the upcoming snowmobile season.

To make it easier for Maine’s 165,000 registered ATV and snowmobile riders to get help, all landing zones will feature posted signs with GPS coordinates.

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