Yokley and Notman Win GNCC UTV Race

ATV.com Staff
by ATV.com Staff
Yokley and Notman win GNCC UTV race

William Yokley and co-pilot, Mark Notman rode their Polaris Ranger RZR to victory in a Can-Am GNCC Series UTV race in Somerset, Pa. on July 5.

The UTV race was run immediately after the two-hour Pro ATV race that both Yokley and Notman competed in.

Despite having to run back-to-back races, Yokley and his Army National Guard teammate got off to a quick start and led the 42-vehicle field for the first four laps of the ten-lap race.

Yokley says he and Notman got into some trouble when they came upon a lapper and he took what he calls a ‘questionable line’ through some trees to get around.

“We nailed some trees that threw us on our side,” says Yokley. “I had the RZR pinned in forward and reverse, and we finally got back on four wheels and under way.”

Yokley and Notman in their Army National Guard Ranger RZR.

This was Notman’s first experience racing in a UTV and Yokley thinks he may have been second-guessing his decision to ride shotgun.

“I yelled at Mark to hang on because we had to catch back up, and I think it was then that he thought this ride might not have been such a good idea after all.”

It took a few laps, but Yokley and Notman regained the lead from Jarrett Stephens and Shane Turner for the final three laps and held on for the win.

Even though Yokley and Notman were running the Open Modified Class, their Ranger RZR has very few mods and the engine is completely stock. The only changes to the RZR were tires, wheels, shocks, exhaust system, and five-point safety harness.

GNCC’s next side-by-side race is in St. Clairsville, Ohio on October 11.

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