Four Cool New 2018 Helmets

Derrek Sigler
by Derrek Sigler
four cool new 2018 helmets
These new ATV and UTV helmets are worth checking out

It seems like every year, the gear companies are working overtime to match what the ATV and UTV manufacturers are, and are releasing the 2018 gear earlier than ever. That’s a good thing if you’re looking for deals, because the 2017 lines are being discounted. It’s an even better thing if you’re looking for the latest cool features and colors because there are some very cool new 2018 helmets up for grabs.

Fly Racing F2 Carbon MIPS Forge Helmet
Fly Racing F2 Helmet

The newest Fly Racing F2 helmets have a carbon fiber/Kevlar composite shell, and have a Coolmax liner to help keep you from sweating as much. These have the MIPS Brain Protection System, which means the helmet has an integrated, low-friction layer designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head. Good stuff. You can easily find these helmets for under $400.

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Klim Patriot F3 Helmet
KLIM Patriot F3 Helmet

Klim has been known for making seriously nice off-road, dual sport and snowmobile gear for some time now. Klim’s latest off-road lineup is making some waves and getting noticed and with good reason. The new Klim F3 helmet is extremely lightweight – the medium size weighs just over three pounds – and low profile. It meets or exceeds all DOT and ECE specifications for safety and it has the widest opening of anything in its class, meaning you have less obstruction to your field of view. But let’s get real – we had you with the paint job on this one. Even better? It retails for under $300!

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Fox Racing V1 Helmet
Fox Racing V1 Helmet

Fox Racing went from being a small gear company started by a teenager in Southern California, to being a major lifestyle brand and an iconic force in powersports. For 2018, Fox keeps the fires lit with new designs, including the sweet new V1, a very good helmet for the money. These injection-molded polycarbonate helmets have nine intake scoops and four vents to keep air flowing. They exceed ECE 22.05 and DOT requirements and just look cool, too. These helmets are priced well under $200.

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Troy Lee Designs Youth SE4 Polyacrylite
Troy Lee Designs Youth SE4 Helmet

Troy Lee did something really cool by bringing its well-known style to a youth model so your kids will have the latest and greatest. TLD took its top-of-the-line SE4 helmet and created a molded poly-outer shell to reduce the costs. Now some helmet companies do this and replace the internals with cheaper stuff too. Not TLD. The SE4 Poly skid lid has all the same internal parts and protection as its high-end helmet. It has the MIPS system, and exceeds DOT FMVSS 218, ECE 22.05 and AS/NZS 1698 certifications. In other words – it’ll protect your kid. You can get one in your size too, so you can match! All for a little over $200.

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