Rack 'Em: Moose Utility Division ATV Racks Offer Plenty of Options

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Lighten the load with these sturdy ATV racks

ATVs have an infinite number of uses for both work and play. Given their propensity for pulling more than their weight, these machines are excellent choices for hauling heavy loads, so their owners don’t have to give themselves a hernia carting a freshly-quartered moose out of the deep woods.

The same goes for smaller items too, or cargo neatly packed away into a number of boxes and containers. Moving payload like that into your cottage or cabin suddenly seems like a lot less of a chore when it can be safely strapped to an ATV. But how best to secure the stuff?

Luckily, that’s where the crew at Moose Utility Division comes in, with a line of great ATV rack options.

Drop Racks

As the name implies, this racking system extends beyond the taillights of your ATV, dropping down over its rear bumper. Made from heavy-duty 18-gauge steel tubing and expanded steel mesh, it has a powdercoat finish that will resist corrosion, meaning it’ll stay looking good for years.

Moose Utility Division drop rack

Measuring almost 3.5 feet from its mounting point on your ATV’s stock racking system to its furthest point from the rider, this definitely is not a small unit. It’s over two feet wide and just over a foot deep, meaning it’ll easily contain any number or configuration of crates, while promising a universal fit. It also includes all required mounting hardware for easy installation.

It’s worth injecting a note of caution here, however, since the generous proportions of this drop rack can easily tempt one into overloading the thing. By itself, the rack is listed as weighing over 50 pounds, so adding several multiples of that amount would dramatically change the weight distribution of your ATV. With too much weight hanging out behind your rear bumper, an unintentional wheelie could ruin your day. That said, if you take your time and play it smart, this drop rack will make an excellent accessory for your off-road rig.

Front and Rear Mesh Racks

Taking the idea of a drop rack and toning it down to a level that can be managed by most riders, these robust mesh racks can add a ton of capability to your ATV.

Like the drop rack, these things are made from 18-gauge steel and an expanded mesh, all of which is powdercoated and corrosion-resistant. In other words, it’ll stand up to a decent amount of abuse.

Moose Utility Division front mesh rack

The front rack is right-sized for mounting on a factory racking platform, which is why it comes with all the hardware you need to securely mount the carrier and make sure it doesn’t shift around while you wheel into the cottage. In terms of sizing, it’s an even three feet across, stretches 17 inches wide out ahead of the driver, and provides a 6.25-inch lip that will keep your cargo in place. (Here, your author will note that a standard beer box is 16.75 inches wide. Make of that what you will.)

Moose Utility Division rear mesh rack

MUD’s rear mesh rack is constructed from the same stern stuff, though its dimensions are a mite more generous: 41 inches across, 26.5 inches wide, and that same 6.25-inch depth. You can deploy these racks solo, but they also pair together. Appearances matter — even during work and play — and these racks certainly fit the bill.

Moose Utility Division ATV racks in action

Pro Tip: Even though these MUD racks are relatively straightforward to install, the smart ‘wheeler will enlist the help of a buddy for final placement, as well as double-check all the fasteners. After all, you’ll be pressing these things into duty for carrying extra weight, meaning the laws of physics will exert a decent amount of stress on these racks. Fortunately, MUD has made sure to construct them of stout materials.

Visit the Moose Utility Division website for more.

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