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California firm offers low-priced GPS device for tracking ATVs and motorcycles

A San Diego, Calif. company has come up with an affordable theft-recovery device for motorcycles and ATV machines.

BikeGPSTracking says its new unit offers all the features of a more expensive product at a much lower cost.

“The launch of our MC242 GPS Motorcycle Tracking Unit gives motorcycle and ATV owners the peace of mind in knowing their property is protected at a very affordable price,” says BikeGPSTracking president and CEO Mark Wells. “With the average price of GPS motorcycle tracking units being well over $500, we are able to leverage our technology leadership and bring the hardware cost down to $349.”

Beginning next month, BikeGPSTracking will also offer a tether switch or panic button and a vibration sensor as optional accessories. Should a rider be thrown off a vehicle, the tether switch will send an emergency alert via text message or an email to specified recipients. Pressing the panic button will generate a similar alert. If a motorcycle is moved more than 100 yards while the ignition is off, the vibration sensor will send out an alert. This will make theft recovery much faster, the company claims.

With the standard features of the MC242, owners will receive unlimited GPS tracking throughout Canada and the United States. Owners will also have the ability to set Geofence and speed alerts and will be notified when the ignition is turned on or off.

Monthly service plans range from $5.95 per month or $57 per year for tracking every 30 minutes, to $9.95 per month or $95 per year for tracking every ten minutes. Staff Staff

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