2024 Loncin XWOLF700L Lands With 686cc Engine and Long-Range Fuel Tank

Ross Ballot
by Ross Ballot

Startup ATV brands seem to be coming out of the woodwork as of late, and Loncin is the next in the line of seemingly endless segment entrants to do so. Recently, the company took to the EICMA International Two-Wheeler Exhibition to launch not a model that would fit the show's name, but rather a four-wheeler. Details surrounding the XWOLF700L are slim, yet the company's website has a bit of info about the new ATV.

The XWOLF700L ATV launches with a duo of machines with the sole difference being whether it is a single-seat or dual-seat, two-up model. Loncin touts that the 686cc engine shares "BMW manufacturing platform technology." The liquid-cooled single cylinder, four-valve, single overhead camshaft powerplant has features an all-aluminum alloy cylinder block with Ni-SiC composite coating and a "high level circulation intake." Loncin says this combination is good for 35 KW of power (around 47 horsepower) and 66N·m of torque (about 48.7 lb-ft). It also has a 25L (6.6043 gallons) fuel tank which Loncin says makes the quad capable of 300KM (186.411 miles) on a single tank. That seems extremely optimistic, but we'll have to take their word for it.

Other features are a multicolor digital instrument cluster, a 15-amp DC plug with two USB ports next to it, and a 3000-pound winch. The company states the XWOLF can tow 1,760 pounds via 2-inch hitch, and the front and rear racks can hold 100 and 198 pounds, respectively, though the two-seater can only carry 75 pounds on its rear rack. The single-seat model weighs in at 375 kg (826.733 pounds) and the two-up at 385 kg (848.78 pounds).

Whether or not we'll see one of these in the flesh, let alone on the trail, is anyone's guess; however, this presents an interesting entrant if for no other reason than its quoted range on a tank of fuel.

Ross Ballot
Ross Ballot

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