RZR XPERIENCES Features Racer Tanner Foust and Skater Ryan Sheckler

Ross Ballot
by Ross Ballot

We love when manufacturers use their resources to showcase the capabilities of their vehicles, and it's only natural to use in-industry "celebrities" to do so. In the first installment of "RZR XPERIENCES," Polaris brings out professional stunt driver, racer, and all-around automotive good guy Tanner Foust to show skateboarded Ryan Sheckler the ropes of what UTVing is like.

The first RZR XPERIENCES video finds ex-Top Gear host Tanner Foust deep in what look like the northwest's woods, lying in wait with an assortment of Polaris RZR side-by-sides. The machines in question look to be four-seat RZR XP models, which suit the terrain and video nicely, not going overkill with the power or aggressiveness. Foust introduces himself and sets the stage, then Sheckler and his crew arrive for a day of fun.

It's always entertaining to see professional sports athletes try their hand at a new discipline, and Scheckler takes to it with the natural effortlessness you would expect of someone whose career depends on hand-eye coordination. Aside from acclimating the skateboarder with the machines and the territory, the video delves into some more lighthearted moments, followed later by some deeper reflections on life, friends, and family. It's a good watch, if not for the good feelings it evokes than for the beautiful scenery and to see the RZRs in action.

Ross Ballot
Ross Ballot

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