Study Finds Yamaha ATVs Have Best Drivetrain Durability

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
study finds yamaha atvs have best drivetrain durability

Yamaha has long boasted that its ATV and Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicles are the toughest of their kind, and now a third party study offers up the numbers that help prove the claim.

Yamaha’s claim is based specifically on an ADP Lightspeed competitive comparison study of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) belt components reported in warranty and non-warranty repair order records for 2007 to 2010 model year CVT belt-driven 4×4 ATVs with engines 400cc and above.

“A lot of companies say they make the toughest ATVs, but now Yamaha can clearly prove that claim in our CVT transmission system,” says Steve Nessl, Yamaha’s ATV and SxS group marketing manager. “The ADP study proves once and for all that our vehicles have the best CVT drivetrain reliability in the industry.”

Yamaha’s Ultramatic automatic transmission system features an exclusive centrifugal clutch that allows the drive belt to remain under constant tension providing a key point of durability. Also exclusive to Yamaha’s Ultramatic system is the one way sprag clutch that not only aides in durability but provides what Yamaha calls the most natural feeling four wheel engine braking for maximum traction and rider confidence. This exclusive system is used in vehicles including the Grizzly 700 ATV, Grizzly 550 ATV, Grizzly 450 ATV and Rhino 700 SxS vehicle.