GBC Introduces New XC-Master and XC-Racer Tires

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
gbc introduces new xc master and xc racer tires, GBC XC Racer and XC Master Tires
GBC XC-Racer and XC-Master Tires

GBC Motorsports has released two new models of cross-country tires – the XC-Master and XC-Racer. The XC-Master and XC-Racer will be replacing the X-Rex and Race Rex models, and will be available in February 2013.

“GBC Motorsports strives to offer ATV riders and racers the best tires possible, and continually works to update its products based on research and feedback from professional racers,” GBC Motorsports says in a release. “The result of this work is a pair of modified and improved cross-country tires based on the popular X-Rex and Race Rex models.”

While the XC-Master is based on X-Rex and the XC-Racer on the Race Rex, these two new tires feature a few upgrades to their construction. The XC-Racer has a newly reinforced bead that is designed to provide a better seal and improved durability. The XC-Master features a reshaped profile designed to improve steering and control. Additionally, GBC says new rubber compounds offer better traction and puncture-resistance.

The XC-Master and XC-Racer are 6-ply rated and will be available in the same sizes as the X-Rex and Race Rex models.

XC-Master (formerly X-Rex)
Part #SizePlyWeight (lbs)Max Load (lbs)
XC-Racer (formerly Race Rex)
Part #SizePlyWeight (lbs)Max Load (lbs)

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