Polaris has a new RZR coming out in 2013, according to a report the company gave it its investors.

Unfortunately, we’ve got no idea just what Polaris has up its sleeve, but it should be fun to find out. Will it be another limited edition model like the RZR XP 900 H.O. Jagged X Edition? Or will it be something completely new and game changing?

If we had to hazard a guess, we could imagine Polaris putting the high output engine from that Jagged X model into its two-seat RZR XP 900 chassis. That model, according to the investor report, sold out in 24 hours. The consumer demand for more power is never ending and Polaris is not one to ignore that demand.

Another possibility is putting the 900 ProStar engine is a smaller chassis (like the RZR 800 or RZR S 800), but that’s just a guess.

So what do you expect from Polaris’ latest RZR?



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JJ says:

I would like to see some new colors come out for the Rzr 800 S.  The 900 has all kinds of colors but the S is so limited and is a much better machine.  The 900 lacks traction and rear tires just spin, when you let off the gas the back pressure brings you to a near stop unlike the 800 S.  The price of the 900 is also very high.  
The Arctic Cat has a very aggressive look and is very competitive in price the down falls that its so long and lacks turning radius.  
I am a supporter of the Polaris Rzr 800 S and just waiting on the new release and hope it worth the wait and not priced outrageously   

John Oehrlein says:

More powerrr from the 760 mill and better clutching. I have the 2012 RZR S and its clutched for 25″ tires, motor has a tough time with the stock 27″s that came with it. If the 760 was bumped to an honest 840cc odd fire motor with dual intakes, and even still 2 valves per cylinder, power would be much better. And an air set up like the 570 and 900 models.

Jackson Richards says:

RZR XP with better suspension (FOX 2.5s with BOC), more hp than the CanAm Renegade and multi-point harnesses.
Basically a race ready XP.
And we should know for sure within 3 weeks.

Jug says:

Save your money go buy a Can Am!!

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