Despite the ongoing battles to keep our OHV lands open, the truth remains that the United States is blessed with some of the most amazing ATV and UTV riding areas anywhere in the world. From the desert mud hills of Ocotillo Wells, California to the lush forests of West Virginia, each area on our list has its own unique draw and unbelievable scenery.

Many of the areas on our list host jamborees and rallies throughout the year – we discussed some of them here. ATV/UTV events are a great way to experience new areas because the trail guides usually make sure to show the best that area has to offer. Whether your prefer riding by yourself or in large groups, these are 10 riding areas that you won’t want to miss.



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JohnnYuma says:

I live in Yuma, Az and cannot find any jamborees here within two hundred miles.

Chris says:

You really Should have called this article “Top 10 TRAIL” riding areas.  I say this as you left out some great areas of Sand like Glamis, Pismo, Little Sahara OK, and of Course The Oregon Coast.  Seems like this was a little DIRT sided. 
With that said I do agree with a couple of your picks for riding…….
Thanks for all you do.

Seth says:

You would be correct with that assumption Chris 🙂  By “Offroad” we were gearing it more towards off road/trails.  We did a top ten Dune riding locations story as well where we featured dune only riding areas.
Believe me I’m not a hater of the Dunes.  I grew up riding all over the Oregon coast.

Gary says:

How Chadwick MO never made it onto the list, I don’t know.  I’m curious as to whether you ever even considered it as being in the running for the top 10.  Even people from the Midwest that have traveled to some of the places listed, still consider Chadwick one of the “Top 10”  best off-road places in the US to ride.  Check it out for your next review.  I think that you’ll be quite impressed… 🙂

CJ Myers says:

Zero trails in the northern part of the Midwest? DO you folks even come up to Northern Wisconsin, Minnesota?

Lucas Cooney says:

I’ve not spent too much time in Minnesota or Wisconsin. Hoping to change that this year, though.