Riding sand dunes on an ATV or a Side-by-Side is a freeing experience. You can pretty much cut, carve, climb and go wherever you want (within reason).

Experiencing the G-forces at the bottom of a dune or carving a bowl at full throttle beats any roller coaster at Six Flags and sand dunes offer a lot of diversity compared to just riding on a track or a trail system.

If you’ve never ridden sand dunes before, definitely pick a spot from our list and make the time to experience what millions of ATV and UTV enthusiasts make time for every year. Here is our top ten list of sand dune riding locations in the US.



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Soneone annoyed at having to enter a name. says:

Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan is small, crowded to the point that it is difficult to get in on holiday weekends, and closes at dusk meaning no night riding or camping in the dunes. Years ago they stopped allowing motor vehicles within a couple hundred feet of the beach and have a number of annoying and overprotected rules and regulations.

But…it’s still packed all summer long requiring them to limit access on most weekends because they are the only ride-able dunes east of the Mississippi River, where most of the US population resides. I will not deny that based on the merits of the riding area alone it does not necessarily deserve to push one of these other locations off this top 10 list. That said, it deserves an honorable mention for being the only option within a reasonable distance for a huge part of the nation’s population.

Jared says:

Great article! I was at Sand Hollow this past weekend. Had a blast, only took the paddles this time because we were riding for just a few hours. If you plan to ride all day keep your dirt tires on so you can venture around the trail system. 

cesar says:

Here in Necochea, Argentina have one of the best dunes of the south atlantic coast.

Darrenn says:

The only thing bad about Glamis is that the heat is only tolerable a few months of the year. Otherwise, it is amazing! If you make it out there, get away from the crowds and camp as far awa from the main road as possible. I’ve ridden all day on the best dunes there and only seen a couple of people. The area that was formerly closed due to a rare milkweed is open again and most people either don’t know it or just don’t venture out that far. Plenty of fresh sand to ride on!