As much as I enjoy having the open dunes to myself on a weekday afternoon or pinning it down a trail without having to worry about oncoming traffic, there is something special about getting together with hundreds or even thousands of fellow enthusiasts and celebrating the sport we love.

Here in the good old US of A we are blessed with some of the most picturesque and unique terrain imaginable and the ATV events and rallies that take place in some of the far reaching corners of the country are as unique as the areas that host them.

If you’ve never been to an ATV or Side-by-Side rally, you owe it to yourself to go at least once. If you’ve got the means, get out and try each one on our list because each of these rallies is unique and all offer a heck of a good time.



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Adeyemi says:

Hey there ATV enthusiast all over the world. I’m from Nigeria and we would like to organize a massive quad bike event sometime next year in the city of Lagos. However, we don’t know much about this kind of event and are looking for professional corporations who do so we can work together. Please I’d appreciate if you got back to me so we can talk some more.
Thank You.

Ernest Sammons says:

If you are coming to the October Fest in Gilbert WV Please check us out. and Great lodging, World Class Golf, 1.1 mile ATV course, 44 degree hill climb, Primitive camping Mud pit and more.