STI Tire & Wheel is the first aftermarket company to bolt tire and wheel products onto the new 2014 Yamaha Viking Side-by-Side.

Yamaha invited STI to its Cypress, Calif. headquarters and STI brought along a set of 28-inch Roctane XD tires mounted on HD2 wheels (4/110 bolt pattern, 5+2 offset – same as the Yamaha Rhino). The lug nut studs are 12mm so STI used its Lug Nut Part # LUG8, which is a 12mm x 1.25 tapered lug nut.

STI Roctane Tires and HD Alloy Wheels

The big 28-inch Roctane tires fit with no clearance issues.

“With the Roctanes and HD2s in place, the new Viking looked good. Real good,” STI says in a release. “This UTV comes stock with small tires and plain, black steel wheels. Upgrading to STI makes a massive difference in appearance.”

For more information on STI Roctane tires and HD Alloy wheels, visit



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