I thought I would get through my entire career without having to write the words “Justin Bieber,” but that dream died when the pop star was charged with reckless driving and assault after an ATV collision north of the border near Stratford, Ontario.

Bieber and a minivan collided and a physical altercation followed.

“Investigation revealed that after colliding, the driver of the ATV and an occupant of the minivan engaged in a physical altercation,” the Ontario Provincial Police said in a statement.

Bieber, who was with his girlfriend and fellow tabloid star, Selena Gomez, had been enjoying a vacation before the incident. Bieber’s legal team released a statement, shifting the blame to the paparazzi.

“Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s peaceful retreat in Stratford this weekend was unfortunately disrupted by the unwelcome presence of paparazzi,” said the statement. “This has regrettably resulted in charges of dangerous driving and assault.”

Some photos of Bieber and Gomez riding what looks like a Honda Rubicon have been circulating online. Neither Bieber nor Gomez was wearing a helmet or any sort of protective gear. Also, the Rubicon is a single-seat ATV, but safety was clearly not on the agenda for this ATV ride. Surely the ATV Safety Institute is cringing.




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  • Arnold Scott

    Poor Justin can’t sing, can’t  drive an ATV But he can get arrested .

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