Tire pressure can play a key role in the traction, ride quality, and handling of your ATV.  It’s something that should be checked before every ride for safety and to help achieve optimum performance.

Knowing what tire pressure to run begins with knowing the recommended pressures for your tires. For example, the Yamaha Raptor 700’s tires have a recommended operating pressure of 4 PSI, with a minimum pressure of 3.6 PSI, and a maximum seating pressure of 36 PSI. These numbers will vary from tire to tire and can be obtained by checking your owner’s manual for original equipment tires or with the tire manufacturer for aftermarket tires.

2015 Yamaha Raptor 700R Review

The recommend pressure is a base line setting offering good all-around performance. However, depending on your riding style and terrain, you may benefit from a bit more or less tire pressure. Check out the video below for more some great information on altering tire pressure to tweak your ATV’s performance.

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