Kawasaki Curved ROPS Taking Shape

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
kawasaki curved rops taking shape
We recently found a patent application from Kawasaki for a curved ROPS for a UTV. However, a closer inspection appears to reveal a sporty new UTV design.

Back in December we found a patent application from Kawasaki for a curved ROPS. It featured some fairly crude illustrations that offered up a general idea how it might look and function in real life, but in truth it was so spherical it looked almost comical. That has all changed as Kawasaki has submitted another application with much more realistic renderings of the curved ROPS.

While the updated illustrations still show a UTV with a ROPS that curves front-to-back and side-to-side, it no longer looks out of place. In fact, it’s a pretty slick-looking design.

Kawasaki Curved ROPS 3

The new curved ROPS in the patent application appears to extend quite a bit behind the seats. Since there is nothing in particular to protect in that area, we’re guessing that design is intended to make it easier to flip the UTV should it roll over. It may also add some structural integrity to the curved ROPS, but it’s hard to say for certain.

The ROPS illustrations look to be for a vehicle that is on the sporty side of things. The shocks appear to be longer than those found on the Teryx and they feature what looks like a piggyback reservoir. Interestingly, the engine is positioned far in the rear of the chassis. The current Kawasaki Teryx setup features a more centralized engine, so this engine position is much more Mule than Teryx.

Kawasaki Curved ROPS 5

All this leaves us to wonder if Kawasaki is planning something completely different. Whether this is a totally redesigned Teryx or perhaps even a pure sport UTV, it has definitely piqued our interest. Hopefully we won’t have wait too long to find out.

If you’d like to see the patent application for yourself, just follow this link.

Kawasaki Curved ROPS 4