Fans of the popular Huevos video series have something to be excited about. H Bomb Films owner and producer Wes Miller recently announced a re-launch of the Division Four apparel line featuring 18 different designs from the Bomb Squad, Division Four and H Bomb Films brands.

Available exclusively through Amazon, shirts are available in a variety of colors in both men’s women’s any children’s sizes. Miller stated via Facebook that if the re-launch goes over well, more designs and variations will be available in the future. It was also stated that a new website is in the works where people will be able to purchase the full series of Huevos DVDs and more H Bomb goodies.

Bombsquad Women

Bombsquad Division 4 also features women’s sizes.

To the throngs of riders who grew up watching Millers film’s this is exciting news and a bit of a trip down memory lane.

Check out the Bomb Squad apparel here



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