Matlock, Goodman, Spaeth and Miller Win Baja 1000 Staff
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American Honda team rides TRX700XX to victory

Release – On Nov. 21, 2008 the American Honda / Precision Concepts ATV team of Wayne Matlock, Harold Goodman, Marc Spaeth and Wes Miller took the Overall ATV win at the 41st annual Baja 1000 race with a time of 14:47:25 (42.69 mph).

The team headed into the Baja 1000 with Overall wins at both the San Felipe 250 and Baja 500 and was looking for another big win on the new Honda TRX700XX and a chance at the SCORE ATV Championship.

Race Report

Race morning Wayne Matlock was the seventh ATV off the line and he would ride the 700XX to race mile 120 where Harold Goodman would take over. Off the start, Matlock fought thick dust on most of his morning ride but was able to move up and hand the quad to Goodman in second place on adjusted time.

Wayne Matlock navigates his TRX700XX.

Goodman’s section included the famous La Rumarosa grade and would continue all the way to Borrego where he would finish his ride at race mile 279 and hand to quad over to Marc Spaeth. Goodman was able to make up over 1.5 minutes on the lead quad down the dangerous and rocky La Rumarosa grade and move into the lead after hitting the fast sections of Laguna Salada.

Marc Spaeth took the quad from Goodman in Borrego and would continue on through the deep and sandy whoops of San Felipe. On his trek down the rough course Spaeth was able to hold the lead before passing the quad off to Matlock at race mile 353.

Matlock was to then ride the quad up the famous Zoo road section in San Felipe before handing the quad off to Goodman in Borrego for his second ride of the day. While picking his way through the deep whoops and rocks of Zoo road Matlock received two rear flats. Both rears had to be changed in an unscheduled pit before reaching Borrego. Matlock finished his ride and passed the quad off to Goodman in second place due to the flats at race mile 405.

Goodman took off in a chase for the lead up through the Mike’s Sky Ranch loop of the course. After a small stop and go pit to install the lights Goodman made his way into the dark pushing hard for the lead before the hand off again to Matlock for his third ride of the day.

Harold Goodman kicks up some dirt at the Baja 1000.

Matlock took the quad from Goodman at race mile 455 and would take the quad to race mile 470 where he would hand it off to Wes Miller. Matlock’s third ride was uneventful and they continued to chase the lead quad down.

Wes Miller put the team in the lead for good.

Wes Miller took the quad from Matlock and took off for the coast. Miller was pushing hard and made the pass soon after reaching the coast. After his pass for the lead he was able to start pulling away on his ride up the coast. Miller would finish his ride at race mile 590 where he handed the quad to Matlock with a 4.5 minute lead.

Matlock would take the quad to the finish and try to improve on the lead Miller helped create. Matlock raced off into the night fighting missing course markers and booby traps built by the locals, and was able to put an additional 4.5 minutes on the second place quad and earn the overall win by a total of 9 minutes.

By earning the Overall Baja 1000 ATV win, it gave the team the perfect season taking the Overall ATV wins at every SCORE race this year making them the 2008 SCORE Class 25-Pro ATV Champions!

Matlock said after the race, “We would like to dedicate this race and championship to Bruce Ogilvie…stay strong”

The American Honda / Precision Concepts ATV Team of Matlock, Goodman, Spaeth, Miller proud winners of the 41st Annual Baja 1000, would like to thank their sponsors – American Honda, Precision Concepts, Alba Action Sports, Maxxis, Elka, Laeger’s, Moose, HMF Pipes, IMS-Roll, Pro Honda Oil, IMS, Douglas Wheels, Tire Balls, Quad Tech,, Baja Designs, Scott Goggles, Division Four, One Industries, DID Chains, Motion Pro, Tag Bars, Alpinestars Staff Staff

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