Pennsylvania’s own John Natalie took home the overall win aboard his Motoworks Can-Am during round eight of the AMA Pro ATV MX Championship at Pleasure Valley Raceway in Armagh, Pa. This win marks Can-Am’s first time winning an AMA Pro ATV MX overall. Team Rockstar Makita Suzuki‘s Josh Creamer finished second overall, further extending his points lead over his teammate Dustin Wimmer.

“The weekend went really well for me here at Pleasure Valley” says Natalie. “I was able to grab Can-Am’s first ever win in front of these amazing fans.”

Natalie started moto one by grabbing the holeshot and the early lead on the field. Throughout the moto, Natalie and Wimmer fought closely for the win, at one point making contact in a corner after Natalie lost his footing on the footpeg and came to a stop. The battled ragged on throughout the moto, but in the end Natalie won, followed by Wimmer, with Jeremy Lawson rounding out the top three.

John Natalie takes to the air at Pleasure Valley.John Natalie takes to the air at Pleasure Valley.

“Dustin Wimmer and I had a really good battle the whole race, but I came across the finish line first,” says Natalie.

Noticeably absent from the front was Creamer, who suffered a poor start and struggled to come back through the field. By the finish, Creamer had battled to capture the forth spot in the first moto.

“I had some struggles in the first moto. Things didn’t go my way,” says Creamer. “We came back, got mentally focused for the second moto and made some bike changes that proved to be better on this track.”

Baldwin Motorsports/ PEPs Josh Upperman nailed the holeshot in the second moto, but was quickly passed by Natalie for the early lead. Creamer was bound to make up for his first moto woes, and set a fast pace, making his way past Natalie for the lead.

Creamer and Natalie do battle in the second moto.Creamer and Natalie do battle in the second moto.

“I was able to pull out a win in the second moto that left me in second overall,” says Creamer. “I’m never happy with second, but I am happy to be on the podium. We need to stay on the podium in able to win a championship.”

Natalie maintained second with knowledge it would bring him the first overall, but the top five stayed very close and competitive throughout the race.

“In the second moto, Josh Upperman got the holeshot and I was able to get around him in the first lap,” says Natalie. “Josh Creamer came up on me and we had a great battle. I let Creamer around instead of taking the chance on not getting the overall win.”

Jeremy Lawson proved himself by making passes to get to third, followed by Upperman in fourth and Wimmer in fifth.

Third place finishes in both motos put Lawson on the podium.Third place finishes in both motos put Lawson on the podium.

With one moto win, Natalie grabbed the overall win, and one that would make its way into the history books.

In the Pro-Am Production class, Factory Polaris rider Casey Martin took a two moto sweep for the overall win. Chase Snapp took the first holeshot and the $100 Holeshot award and the early lead, but just as he began to walk away from the pack, stalled his bike and went back to the very tail of the field, opening the door for Martin to take the win.

In the second moto, Aaron Meyer grabbed the Holeshot award, but was quickly passed by Martin who went on to take the win. Snapp continues to lead the points heading into Round 9 of the AMA Pro ATV MX.

The series travels next to Unadilla in New Berlin, New York for the Round 9 of the AMA Pro ATV MX Championship on July 17-18.

Pleasure Valley VX Results ATV Motocross Pro Class Standings
Pos. Rider ATV Motos Pos. Rider ATV Points
1. John Natalie Jr. Can-Am 1 – 2 1. Josh Creamer Suzuki 356 (5 wins)
2. Josh Creamer Suzuki 4 – 1 2. Dustin Wimmer Suzuki 331 (1 win)
3. Jeremy Lawson Suzuki 3 – 3 3. John Natalie Jr. Can-Am 281 (2 win)
4. Dustin Wimmer suzuki 2 – 5 4. Josh Upperman Honda 259 (1 win)
5. Josh Upperman Honda 7 – 4 5. Chad Wienen Can-Am 258
6. Jeremie Warnia Can-Am 6 – 8 6. Thomas Brown Yamaha 233
7. Thomas Brown Yamaha 8 – 7 7. Jeremy Lawson Suzuki 207
8. Pat Brown Honda 10 – 9 8. Pat Brown Honda 180
9. Cody Gibson Suzuki 9 – 10 9. Jeremie Warnia Can-Am 179
10. Joe Byrd Honda 5 – 14 10. Nick A. Denoble Honda 146



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