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Select dealerships will offer five new Limited Editions beginning this month

Looking to increase market share and broaden the appeal of its popular Ranger series of side-by-side UTVs, Polaris announced new choices in this growing subset of the ATV market. There will be five Limited Edition Rangers, including a spiffed up version of its Ranger Crew model. While overall ATV sales have slowed, the market for Rangers has grown as Polaris has been adept at finding new niches to encourage sales.

Hot-Rod Ranger

The hot-rod Ranger RZR tapped into an entirely new segment of sports side-by-side models. Low and lean with ample power, the RZR set Polaris apart from the competition by creating a unique sports machine that takes the side-by-side concept off the farm and into the world of trail sports riding.

With this hot rod model in the line-up and with special offerings of Limited Edition models this past season, Polaris engineers and designers realized that consumers were hungry for more than ‘me-too’ ATVs and Rangers. As we head into 2008, Polaris expands its ‘limited’ collection with five decked out Rangers specially suited to the leaders of the pack—not the followers.

As overall ATV quad sales have slowed, side-by-side or UTV sales have increased. One reason is that side-by-sides allow riders to bring along a friend so they can sit beside you, not behind you, hanging on.

Four of these new Polaris Limited Edition Rangers are thematic expansions of the Ranger Series 700 line. You’ll find a Polaris-engineered and built motor displacing 683cc and scavenging fuel via an efficient electronic fuel injection system that is designed to maximize the range of the nine US gallon fuel tank. Delivering 40 horsepower the liquid-cooled engine can propel the base Ranger XP upwards of 50 miles per hour.

Ranger XP Baseline

The four Limited Edition versions are based on Polaris’ popular 700cc Ranger XP but customized in four unique ways—Orange Crush; an update of last year’s limited but popular Midnight Red; Black Metallic; and a deep woods Mossy Oak Browning edition. The fifth Limited Edition is a Turbo Silver version of the six-passenger Ranger Crew. All versions share the new-for-2008 hand-operated parking brake with shift interlock and increased towing capacity.

Here’s what’s specific to each new 2008 Limited Edition Ranger model.

2008 RANGER XP, Painted Orange Crush Rally

All five Limited Edition models like this Painted Orange Crush Rally are based on existing Ranger side-by-side models.

This could be a fan favorite for Denver Bronco football fans recalling the team’s famed Orange Crush defense. Polaris’ Painted Orange Crush Rally XP model is rugged as well, sharing the same extreme off-road performance of the standard RANGER XP. It also features:

– Painted Orange Crush hood with Rally stripes, dash, glove box, suspension springs and rear A-arms;

– Cloud Silver cab frame, bumpers and screen;

– Custom cut and stitched orange/silver/black deluxe seat;

– 14 inch cast aluminum rims with Goodyear MTR radial tires;

– And pricing announced as MSRP US$11,499 and C$15,199.

2008 RANGER XP, Midnight Red

A popular seller last season, Polaris brings back an enhanced Midnight Red edition for 2008.

This rich-looking and very popular selling themed edition caused Polaris to bring it back with some graphic enhancements for 2008. The 2008 Midnight Red XP, unlike its predecessors, features the new hand-operated parking brake with shift interlock and one-ton towing capability as well. Additional features include:

– Painted Midnight Red hood, dash, and glove box with custom Matte Black hood accents;

– Silver suspension springs and rear A-arms;

– Wrinkle Black painted bumper screen and cab frame;

– Custom cut and sewn red/silver/black deluxe seat;

– Special 12 inch Black painted aluminum rims with Polaris PXT radial tires;

– And a MSRP US$10,999 and C$14,599.

2008 RANGER XP, Black Metallic

Designers went for ‘Xtreme’ with this blacked out edition.

This version is for the owner who sees himself as the adventurous type as the 2008 Black Metallic RANGER XP was designed to scream Xtreme. Giving that impression is:

– A painted Black Metallic hood, dash, and glove box with Silver hood accents;

– Silver painted cab frame, bumper, grill, suspension springs and rear A-arms;

– Unique cut and sewn black/silver seat;

– Performance “look” 12 inch Black painted aluminum rims with Polaris PXT radial tires;

– The suggested price is US$10,999, and C$14,599.

2008 RANGER XP, Mossy Oak Browning Edition

This camo edition comes with a factory-installed Warn winch.

While the Black Metallic edition screams Xtreme, this edition is all about the hunter and the consummate outdoors enthusiast. Polaris designers added the veneer of a Mossy Oak patterned body with Browning Buck Mark accents to make its trusted RANGER XP a stand out for the huntsman. Polaris’ reliable Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) and terrain-smoothing Independent Rear Suspension (IRS), blend into these unique limited edition features:

– New Mossy Oak New Break Up design (hood, dash, rims, and special decals);

– Custom Cut & Sewn Browning seat with Buck Mark detailing;

– No-shine wrinkle black paint on the cab frame, bumpers, and screen to continue the camouflage look;

– Factory-installed 4000 lb Warn winch;

– Dual Lock & Ride Mossy Oak Gun Scabbards;

– And a MSRP of US$12,299 or C$16,199.

2008 RANGER CREW, Turbo Silver

The six-person Ranger Crew offers incredible underseat storage.

The six-place Ranger Crew borrows styling cues from a customized three-place Ranger XP. But with this Limited Edition you gain more of everything to go along with its six-person capacity and massive under-seat storage. Making this Ranger Crew unique are special features that include:

– Turbo Silver hood, dash, glove box with custom Matte Black hood accents;

– Silver suspension springs and rear A-arms;

– Custom cut and stitched silver/black deluxe seating;

– 12 inch rear, nine inch front cast aluminum rims with Polaris PXT radial tires;

– And an MSRP of US$11,999 and C$15,499.

As one of the world’s leaders in ATV and UTV innovation, Polaris looks to step up sales of its popular UTVs by continuing to offer unique choices that other manufacturers haven’t thought of yet. As with its Ranger RZR, these Polaris Limited Edition models give consumers more than the ‘same old’ choices in UTVs. If you are interested in one of these Limited Edition Rangers, you should probably call ahead as only select Polaris dealerships with be getting these Limited Edition models, which went go on sale this month.

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