What Should You Do If You Get Into An ATV Accident?

ATV.com Staff
by ATV.com Staff
Knowing what to do in advance can help your ATV insurance claim go as smoothly as possible

An ATV accident can happen to any rider, which is one of the reasons you should consider getting ATV insurance.

One of the major reasons people don’t get ATV insurance is they think an ATV accident will never happen to them because they are safe on the trails. While that may be true, it’s pretty clear that not every ATV and UTV owner has safety in mind all the time.

So if you do get into an ATV accident and you end up with serious medical bills or a machine with thousands of dollars worth of damage, having a comprehensive ATV insurance policy can be a massive relief.

Here are some interesting stats for you: on average, ATV accidents lead to almost 700 deaths and 150,000 injuries a year, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). And if you get into an ATV accident, there are a few things you should have on you and do, so that when it’s time to make an ATV insurance claim, you’re prepared.

ATV Accident Tips

We’ve put together a list of tips of what you should do if you ever get into an ATV accident and how to ensure you get the most from your ATV insurance policy.

Be Safe

  • Move your ATV to a safe location, away from other ATV trail traffic if necessary, but don’t leave the scene until speaking with the other ATVer involved.
  • Check to see if anyone is hurt and call 911 if you need medical or police assistance.

Stay Calm

  • Don’t panic – remain calm and polite, and never lose your head. That never turns out well.
  • Don’t admit it was you fault, even if it was.
  • If the police are called, cooperate with them and answer all of their questions

Exchange Information

  • Obtain police report information, if applicable.
  • Collect information about all vehicles and riders involved, including:
    • Year, make and model
    • Name, address and phone numbers
    • Insurance information
    • Insurance policy number
  • Take pictures of the vehicles involved and of the general location of the accident.

File a Claim

  • Call the claims number located on your ID card right away.
  • Don’t wait to long to file your claim – be timely about it. Your policy may have time limits attached to it. And if you want to be reimbursed for the repairs sooner rather than later, it’s in your best interest to file as soon as possible.

An ATV accident can be distressing, but knowing what to do in advance can help your ATV insurance claim go as smoothly as possible.

ATV.com Staff
ATV.com Staff

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