Top 5 Features of the John Deere Gator XUV835 + Video

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This Deere is ready to help

Working and playing in the outdoors offers experiences that will last a lifetime, but the outdoors life doesn’t always come easily. Experienced outdoors men and women will be the first to tell you that not only can a helping hand make your life a whole lot easier, but it can really add to the fun. It’s hard to think of a better outdoors assistant than a John Deere XUV.

Just what can a Gator do for you? To answer that question, we’ve put together five features of the John Deere Gator XUV835 that will show you why you’ll want one to be part of your next off-road adventure.

1 – Durability

A Gator XUV835 is eager to work as long and hard as you are. It comes with a proven three-cylinder gas engine that is fuel injected. That means it will start up the first time and every time you turn the key, no matter the temperature or elevation.

John Deere outfitted this Gator with four-wheel independent suspension. With 9.1 inches of suspension travel on handle, this machine can handle the nastiest terrain you throw its way.

2 – Enclosed Cab

You don’t stop working when Mother Nature throws you a curve ball and neither does the Gator. To protect you from the elements, the XUV830 is available with a fully enclosed cab. This is a true four-season machine that is equally at home helping you plow snow from your driveway or taking you to your favorite trout fishing spot. With optional heating and air conditioning, you are ready for anything.

3 – Heavy Duty Cargo Bed

When the work really has to get done, the Gator XUV835 is ready to help. It features a dumping cargo bed capable of carrying 1000 pounds of feed, lumber, or anything else you can think of. It also offers a variety of tie-down points, so you can safely secure your load.

4 – Room For Three

Should you need to bring a couple of people along for the ride, the John Deere Gator XUV835 can accommodate them with room for three in its bench seat – including seat belts for everybody. Also, the Gator is ready to fit most anybody, as it comes with an adjustable seat and tilt steering wheel.

5 – Accessories

If you need a little more out of your Gator XUV835, help is only an accessory or two away. The first thing we suggest anybody add to their Gator is a good winch and your John Deere dealer is willing and ready to install a 4500-pound Warn ProVantage winch. A huge array of other accessories are also available, including a host of lighting options..

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