Following the release of the groundbreaking new Side-by-Side from Can-Am, the Maverick X3, consumers are chomping at the bit for some realtime user feedback. Well, we’re not sure where this video came from, but it certainly shows the capabilities of the new Maverick X3 soaking up this relatively flat landing from a pretty decent dune jump.



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StargateNH says:

I could watch this all day.

Brynton Gleco says:

This is Jason Ellis during a promo shoot. Can am couldn’t put this in their promo because of how insane Jason was launching it. This was most likely captured by someone from Can Am or Hooligan… something like that. Jason will also be doing a crazy ass stunt in Vegas where BJ Baldwin is gonna launch one, with Ellis standing on it with a skateboard, and Ellis will jump off it and land on the board. Crazy

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