Can-Am's ATV Contingency Program Sets New High Staff
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Total ATV contingency reaches $1.3 million

Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP) has announced that its 2009 Can-Am ATV race contingency program will be the biggest ever.

Pro and amateur Can-Am racers will be vying for fore than $1.3 million in 2009, making it the largest ATV-only contingency program in the history of ATV racing. The latest race series to be added is the American Woods Racing Championship Series (AWRCS) with a total contingency amount of $58,000 across seven classes in all 10 rounds.

With contingency dollars already available in the GNCC, AMA ATV Motocross, CMRC, ITP Quadcross, WORCS, SCORE, Best in the Desert, NEATV-MX, PAMX and OMA, Can-Am covers every major national and regional ATV championship in North America.

“This reinforces our commitment to the sport and illustrates our effort to reward racers who commit to Can-Am,” says Del Bohlman, racing manager for Can-Am ATVs at BRP. “We made a concerted effort to cover all the major series across North America and cover every Can-Am product from Outlander to Renegade to DS 450.”

Also, Can-Am recently announced the 2009 Can-Am X-Team DS 450 Racer Support Program, which allows a racer to get unprecedented access to factory support. To be eligible for the $3,000-plus in benefits, a racer much purchase a new or unused 2008 or 2009 Can-Am DS 450 EFI ATV within the program timeframe and apply through a participating Can-Am dealer. Full details of the program can be found in the contingency section of the Can-Am X-Team Web site.

For contingency forms and complete contingency schedules, please visit the Can-Am X-Team Web site at

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