Casey Martin podiums at Steel City MX Staff
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Polaris pilot goes 2-2 and grabs his first holeshot

Polaris Rath rider Casey Martin has been on an undeniable charge this season as he continues to put his Outlaw450 MXR in front of the pack. Martin, who races in both Pro Am and Pro Am Unlimited, has his work cut out for him each round. With more than thirty riders trying to qualify there was only room for twenty in the main event. This past weekend, he was successful again at the AMA ATV Motocross Championship Round 5, Steel City ATV MX.

After a few laps around for practice, Martin was beginning to get the feeling his machine was dialed and handling extremely well. A few fine tuning adjustments from Fox Shox and Dave Porter Martin’s mechanic and it was ready to go. Steel City is a track riders seem to love or hate with some technical sections that require some serious skills. Martin was one who seemed to love this track.

Martin’s feeling was right and as the gate dropped and he charged his way to his to his first holeshot of the season. As the race continued Martin settled into an impressive second place and remained there until the checkers.

Daryl Rath, who has been doing the development part of this team stated,

Martin grabs the holeshot.

“We have all the right players behind the scenes in this program – we have great sponsors, a great machine, great track support and above all a rider who is so determined to succeed we are finding our groove and it shows,” says Darryl Rath. “This Outlaw and Casey are continuing to turn heads and impress fellow racers as they are now chasing it around the track.”

Martin was on a fast roll all weekend, continuing to stay ahead of the pack in Moto 2 giving him his second podium of the season going 2-2 secured Martin a second place overall finish for Saturday’s event.

Sunday started out just as successful for the Factory Polaris Rath rider as he went and set third fastest qualifying time in the Pro Am Production class. Once again the gates were full twenty of the fastest up-and-coming pros in the industry. With the first Moto well on the way and Martin did have his work cut out for him with a start that had him towards the back. He put his head done, gritted his teeth and started passing his competition one by one he made it through the entire field up to third place.

The second Moto would be a challenge as well for Martin as his gate malfunctioned in the drop ruining his chance for a nice clean charge from the gate. Martin wasn’t going to let that change his course for the day, he once again raced some strong consentient laps to work his way up to fifth place by the time the checkers flew, allowing him to go 3-5 for the day and securing another finish safely in the top five with a fourth place overall.

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