MIC Offers Industry-wide Dealer Program

ATV.com Staff
by ATV.com Staff
Campaign designed to draw retailer traffic

The Motorcycle Industry Council has launched a new program to help powersports retailers attract more traffic to their dealerships.

The “Revive Your Ride!” program is the first industry-wide promotional campaign designed to raise consumer awareness about dealership sales, incentives and activities. The free program is available now to give dealerships a boost for the upcoming holiday season.

“The theme Revive Your Ride! can mean accessorizing the motorcycle you already have, pulling a machine out of the back of the garage and putting it back on the road or trail, getting some overdue service done, sizing up some fresh riding gear, and, yes, it can mean a new bike or ATV too,” says Frank Esposito, member of the MIC Board of Directors and president of Kendon Industries, Inc. “The unified theme, style and design, if used by many dealerships, repeatedly, can collectively cut through today’s marketing clutter. We want a clear message to customers that regardless of how much they have to spend, now is the best time to visit their local motorcycle dealer, aftermarket outlet or service shop. The product selection is great right now, the deals are generous and there is plenty of expert dealership staff to help.”

According to the MIC, the Revive Your Ride! program can do for powersports retailers what Black Friday does for holiday sales. The program’s tools are designed to help dealers build floor traffic. The Revive Your Ride! program was conceived by the MIC’s board and developed with input from aftermarket industry.

The Revive Your Ride! program offers several promotional tools and can be customized to fit a dealership’s local market and individual needs. Dealers can download logos, advertising templates and other promotional items for free at MIC.org/ReviveYourRide. Dealers can opt into the program and use any parts of it they want without needing to sign up for anything.

“It’s built so dealerships can make it work for themselves and make it work for their customers – the ones they already have and the ones they want to gain,” says Eric Anderson, MIC board member and change agent of Vroom Network. “It’s free for everyone to use as they see fit, and we hope it’s adopted by many. We think that Revive Your Ride! can offer a marketing boost and help do for powersports retailers what the Superbowl, Thanksgiving and Presidents, Memorial and Labor Day sales events help do for department and grocery stores.”

ATV.com Staff
ATV.com Staff

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