Race Safer Pro Nerf Bars Available From TPR

ATV.com Staff
by ATV.com Staff
Innovative new nerf bars designed to keep riders safer

Tarantula Performance Racing’s new Race Safer Pro nerf bar and heel guard combination is now available for most adult sport ATVs.

Feeling as though little developments have been made on ATV nerf bars in the past 20 years, TPR set out to revolutionize ATV nerf bar design and create a more secure platform for ATV racers. Radically different, the TPR Race Safer Pro nerf bars are like no other ATV nerfs on the market.

The Race Safer Pro nerf bars feature five specially designed outer bar bends. The front of the nerf bars mounts between the A-arms and engine mounts, where the bar extends outward on each side away from the quad before two slight bends direct the bar towards the rear of the ATV. The bends near the front mount tuck the nerf bar close to the front wheel – minimizing the chance of another ATV’s wheel becoming stuck and causing a crash – without impacting turning radius or suspension travel.

TPR Race Safer Pro nerf bars

The third, and most important, bend changes the angle at which the outer bar runs parallel to the lower frame rail. The Pocket Bar bend change in degree pitches the outer bar up towards the rider. The Pocket Bar bend protects the rider from the wheels of a competitor by reducing the possibility of another ATV wheel reaching the rider’s lower extremities. According to TPR, the Pocket Bar bend drastically improves upon the industry standard flat nerf bar design.

The fourth and fifth bends shape the heel guard. These bends simplify the design to help save weight, but they also allow for a strong, durable mounting system. The aluminum nerf bar tubing slides into the foot pegs. The nerfs then mount to the stock rear fender bracket.

Foot peg teeth on the TPR Race Safer Pro nerfs are angled five degrees in toward the quad. The angled teeth work in conjunction with a rider’s natural standing position to prevent the rider’s boot from sliding unintentionally towards the edge of the extended peg. The pitch of the pegs increases as they extend away from the frame to offer the rider a solid, secure platform. For Yamaha’s new YFZ450R and YFZ450X, the Race Safer Pro foot pegs are one inch lower than stock.

Nets, Mounts and Colors

Nylon netting on the Race Safer Pro nerfs is stitched and riveted for added strength. The front netting wraps around the lower frame rail, and the heel guard netting threads through a mount included with the nerfs. TPR’s netting fixtures also differ from most other designs and were developed so the netting tightens at each mounting point when pressure is applied.

All mounting points on the TPR Race Safer Pro nerf bars align precisely and eliminate the often frustrating extra steps required when installing other nerf bars. The nerfs utilize factory hardware for installation, but the additional hardware required for some ATV models is included.

Color-matching foot pegs are available for the TPR Race Safer Pro nerf bars in three standard powder coat options. The pegs are available in textured black, blue, green, yellow and red. The nerf bars are available in black and satin aluminum finishes. Retail price for the Race Safer Pro nerf bars is $369.95 for satin aluminum and $389.95 for black.

For more information on the Race Safer Pro nerf bars, visit TPRUSA.com.

ATV.com Staff
ATV.com Staff

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