Best Polaris Ranger Bumpers To Protect Your UTV

Aaron Brzozowski
by Aaron Brzozowski

Update your Ranger's look and protect your front and rear end with a new bumper

If you’re looking to maximize the utility and toughness of your Polaris Ranger, it might be time to shop for aftermarket Polaris Ranger bumpers.

Collisions happen, and having the right bumpers installed can be the difference between a minor scrape and a major repair bill. Thankfully, the aftermarket is chock full of rugged, well-built Polaris Ranger bumpers that provide far more protection than the factory bodywork, wrapping around the UTV’s grille and headlights to guard some of its most sensitive bits against damage from trees, rocks, and whatever else the trail throws at you.

What’s more, many products on the market can expand your Ranger’s versatility, with provisions for mounting winches, auxiliary lighting, and recovery shackles, all of which are liable to come in handy from time to time.

So, which Polaris Ranger bumpers are most worth your hard-earned cash? That’s where we come in. We’ve done the research for you and put together all of the best options in one place, from a range of different reputable, trusted manufacturers.

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1. Editor's Choice: SuperATV Heavy Duty Winch-Ready Front Bumper

With 1/8” thick steel plating construction and a durable wrinkle black finish, SuperATV’s Heavy Duty Winch-Ready front bumper for the Polaris Ranger is seriously tough. The bumper is a direct bolt-on piece with two included D-ring shackles and pre-drilled holes for mounting a recovery winch – something that no serious off-roader should ever be without. And while looks aren’t everything, this is one of the more attractive Polaris Ranger bumpers on the market, with an aggressive, angular design, a proud, jutting brush guard, and an attractive mesh pass-through for cooling airflow. It’s available for numerous Ranger models, including the XP 900 and 900 Crew from 2013 up, the XP 1000 and 1000 Crew from 2017 up, and even the 2010-2016 Ranger 800 6x6.

2. Wild Boar Polaris Ranger Front Winch Bumper w/ LED Lights

If you’re the sort of person that appreciates a well-integrated appearance, you ought to love Wild Boar’s Polaris Ranger Front Winch Bumper with LED Lights. The bumper comes fitted with a pair of LED pod lights to provide some supplemental lumens for trail illumination after dusk, recessed into the bumper for a clean, OE-like appearance. The bumper itself is made from 10-gauge steel – slightly thicker than 1/8” – and finished with a black powder coat to resist abrasion and ward off rust for years of reliable service. Like the SuperATV unit, it features a functional, aggressive-looking tubular steel brush guard, keeping your radiator guarded against potentially disastrous run-ins with trees and other obstacles. The Wild Boar Polaris Ranger Front Winch Bumper fits an array of mid-size Ranger models from 2010 up, although in some cases, some light modification may be required to fully raise the hood.

3. Bad Dawg Polaris Ranger 900 XP/570 Front Bumper

We here at know that money is a valuable resource, which is why this Bad Dawg bumper makes our list of the best Polaris Ranger bumpers. It’s priced significantly below most of its competitors, and yet it still offers a front bash plate, universal winch mounting plate, and durable 1/8” American steel construction with a rugged black coating to keep out the elements. The bumper is made right in Batesville, Arkansas, and while it lacks the tubular brush guard boasted by the two models above, that means that it’s lighter in weight for less impact on the ride and handling of your Ranger. It might just be one of the most cost-effective ways to get up and running with extra front-end protection.

4. Polaris Upper Front Brush Guard

While not actually a bumper, this front brush guard offers some additional protection for your machine by bolting to your stock Polaris Ranger bumper. This Polaris Ranger brush guard is built of 1.75" tube steel and helps protect your headlights and the upper portion of your radiator from damage from branches and other trail debris that you may have an unforeseen run in with.

This brush guard is built and sold by Polaris, so you know it is going to fit seamlessly. It also won't get in the way of you installing a winch or a plow attachment. It will fit a wide variety of Ranger models, so check the listing to make sure your vehicle is one of them.

5. Best Rear Bumper: KFI Tubular Rear Bumper

If offering the most protection and quality for the money were a game, KFI might just win with this tubular steel Polaris Ranger rear bumper. Simple and clean in its design, this bumper provides protection across the full width of the Ranger’s rear end with two sturdy steel tubes of the same dimensions as Polaris’s OEM front bumper, ensuring that it will blend right in. Those tubes are shot-blasted before they’re powder coated in black – a important step that many of KFI’s competitors skip, which delivers the best finish possible. Best of all, KFI covers a wide range of different models, with rear Polaris Ranger bumpers to fit models from the 570 up through the 1000, and just about everything in-between.

6. SuperATV Heavy Duty Rear Bumper

If you’d prefer a Polaris Ranger rear bumper with a more traditional design, SuperATV has your rear covered with this winch-ready plate steel rear bumper. A great companion to SuperATV’s Ranger front bumper, this product features the same 1/8”-thick steel plating and wrinkle black finish, and beside including provisions to mount a rear recovery winch, it’s also designed to accommodate a pair of 3” recessed LED cube lights, with pre-cut holes and blank-out covers. Just about the only downside beside the price tag is the fact that few Ranger models are covered; looking around, we only managed to find versions fitting the 2013+ XP 900/Crew and 2017+ XP 1000/Crew, so if you’re driving around in anything else, this might not be the Polaris Ranger rear bumper for you.

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May 10, 2021: Added the Polaris upper front brush guard and some FAQs.

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What is a brush guard?

The terms "brush guard" and "bumper" are often used interchangeably when it comes to off-road vehicles. By definition, though, brush guards are actually additions to a bumper to help protect the front of your vehicle from brush when riding off-road. But they are not designed to help your vehicle in the event of a hard impact with a tree or another vehicle.

Can I mount a winch on any aftermarket Polaris Ranger bumper?

Not exactly. There are some winch-ready bumpers available (including all of the options on our list), but many bumpers aren't designed to hold a winch. If you want to have a winch on your Ranger, make sure you buy a bumper that can handle it.

What are the benefits of an aftermarket Polaris Ranger bumper?

Some aftermarket bumpers are build to withstand more abuse and offer more protection for your Polaris Ranger, though that is not always the case. But the good ones can save you some serious money front front end damage. You can also give your Ranger a new and unique look with an aftermarket bumper.

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