If you travel with your off-road gear, you need to protect it. Here are five of the best gear bags available to make sure your stuff stays safe when you’re on the road.

As I start getting my gear bag repacked for yet another adventure, it got me to thinking about gear bags and how important they are to our way of life. If you travel anywhere outside your home to ride, you probably have some kind of gear bag, or need one. If you fly, it is an absolute necessity to ensure your gear arrives safely and in proper condition. Regular duffle bags do not hold up to the abuse the best gear bags will take. Plus, a gear bag is another way to show your own personal style and lifestyle. If you’ve ever waited at the luggage carrousel for your bag, you know that you bag is going to easily stand out from the crowd.

A good gear bag is not cheap, but consider it an investment in your riding gear and your sanity. Here are five of the best gear bags of various sizes and price points, each a solid choice for the traveling enthusiast.

Ogio Rig 9800

Ogio Rig 9800: Best Gear Bags

If there is a more popular gear bag on the market, we haven’t seen it. The Ogio Rig 9800 is a massive rolling gear bag that is marketed by Ogio, as well as several other companies that contract Ogio to produce it with their logo on it as well. When the ATV.com crew travels, you’ll see a bunch of Ogio Rig bags of various colors. What makes it so good? Heavy duty construction with strong, oversized zippers, padded compartments and gear dividers and the SLED frame, that adds rigidity to the bag and serves as a stable platform for the wheels that make it easy to transport. If you travel a lot, the Rig is the way to go.

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AXO Weekender

AXO Weekender: Best Gear Bags

I know what you’re thinking – “I don’t need a huge, wheeled bag for where I ride.” The Weekender from AXO is the answer for you. At under $50, this bag is perfect for the rider looking for a simple bag to haul your gear. It is made from 100% nylon and has vented compartments so your stinking gear doesn’t infect the rest of your stuff with odors. Available in many colors, the Weekender is a bag every moto-head needs to have on hand.

Fox Shuttle 180

Fox Shuttle 180: Best Gear Bags

The Fox Shuttle 180 is proof that you don’t need to spend a lot to get a decent wheeled gear bag. The Shuttle has separate compartments for boots and your helmet and is made from 600D Polyester material for durability. It has urethane wheels and strong zippers. Plus it’s from Fox, so it has a classic and subtle look that still says you’re a motohead.

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Troy Lee SE Premium

Troy Lee SE Premium: Best Gear Bags

Have you ever noticed how Troy Lee Designs never seems to do anything that is of poor quality? This gear bag is no different. It looks sweet, as you’d expect from TLD, and is made from reinforced ballistic nylon with a reinforced bottom, so it will take every bit of abuse you give it. It has a separate helmet compartment that expands for additional gear like goggles and the wheels are specially designed for use on dirt and on rough terrain, so getting geared up before an epic ride is easier.

FXR Transporter

FXR Transporter: Best Gear Bags

FXR makes a gear bag worthy of a Jason Statham action movie title. What? You haven’t seen any of the Transporter movies? You’re missing out. As for the bag, it is ruggedly constructed with a 145-liter capacity and heavy-duty zippers, fabric and padded compartments. It also comes with a padded shoulder strap, so if you need to pick it up and carry it, it helps.

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