Fox Racing Gloves Buyer's Guide

Aaron Brzozowski
by Aaron Brzozowski

Protect your hands while you ride

The entire lineup of Fox Racing gloves was designed to provide protection, comfort, and functionality every time you hit the trail.

Shopping for a new pair of Fox Racing gloves, one thing becomes apparent just about immediately: the company offers a dizzying array of options, all designed to provide protection, grip, and dexterity on the trail. Freedom of choice is never a bad thing, but in Fox’s case, it can make selecting just the right pair of ATV or UTV gloves a bit of a chore. Do you spring for the extra protection of the Fox Bomber glove, or will a set of Pawtectors suffice? Is the extra protection worth it at all, or should you prioritize comfort and feel with one of Fox’s more “minimalist” gloves like the Flexair and Airline?

They’re important questions to grapple with. Remember: the gloves you wear while you’re out riding have a direct impact on your safety, and you’re going to be wearing them every time you ride, often for hours at a time. Whatever pair you settle on has got to be comfortable enough to wear for long stretches, protective enough that your hands don’t get abused on the trail, and unobtrusive enough that they don’t interfere with your ability to safely operate your machine. And if you do any winter riding, you should probably concern yourself with their warmth, too.

Here, we’re taking a look at all that the Fox Racing gloves lineup has to offer, arming you with all the information you need to make an informed purchase.

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1. Editor's Choice: Fox Pawtector

The Fox Racing Pawtector is about everything you could ever want in a ATV glove, delivering durability and versatility with breathable comfort and sufficient protection for your digits. Fox has essentially left no box unchecked. The Pawtector is made from a stretchable synthetic Clarino fabric, with a double-layer palm for extra strength to resist tearing during normal use. A set of fully articulated, thermoplastic rubber knuckle guards keep your knuckles safe while allowing full motion, and carefully placed perforations help keep things dry – perfect for those long rides in the summer. Silicone print on the finger tips provide some extra grip for lever actuation, helping to prevent the sort of slippage that can result in a crash.

2. Runner Up: Fox 360 Motocross Gloves

One of the most unique-looking ATV gloves on the market, the Fox 360 is “unparalleled in fit, dexterity, and handlebar control,” in the words of the manufacturer. They might just take the crown as the most innovative of all Fox Racing gloves, with strong, stretchable Cordura fabric on the back of the glove, providing ample mobility and extraordinary durability, and single-layer Clarino fabric with specially placed perforations. But it’s the knuckle protectors that really set the 360 apart. They’re made from flexible thermoplastic rubber like some of Fox’s other designs, but here, they’ve been arranged into a cool, stylish angled row pattern spanning over the entire back of the hand, for enhanced protection and a standout appearance. Also featured here are Fox’s trusty TruFeel tactile fingertips and silicone finger print for superior lever grip.

3. Most Affordable: Fox Dirtpaw

The Dirtpaw represents the most affordable option in the Fox Racing gloves portfolio, but it’s anything but “basic.” If only all entry-level gloves were this feature-rich. The Dirtpaw rocks the same nylon top and single-layer Clarino palm as the Airline, lending it a lightweight feel, but with compliant thermoplastic rubber knuckle protectors to give you a bit of defense against rocks, branches, and other hazards. Meanwhile, silicone print on the finger tips provide extra lever grip so your fingers don’t slip when you’re using the levers. It’s the ultimate no-frills riding glove, making it perfect for entry-level riders.

4. Best Weather Protection: Fox Legion

The Legion is the most interesting glove in the Fox Racing gloves range in that it actually encompasses three different glove designs. First, there’s the regular Legion, which provides enhanced weather protection with a warm, cozy brushed fleece lining, and thermoplastic polyurethane-lined Lycra finger gussets to seal out rain and snow. Bonded palm reinforcements in key areas lend the palm of the glove some extra wear protection, while thermoplastic rubber knuckle guards keep your digits protected.

Then, there’s the Legion Water, which boasts the same warm fleece liner and thermoplastic-reinforced gussets, but with a water-resistant padded AX Suede palm and a two-layer water-resistant top for ample defense against the wettest of riding conditions. And finally, there’s the Legion Thermo – Fox’s warmest trail glove – which boasts an insulated, closed-cell foam top to keep your hands toasty, and moisture-busting polyurethane-lined finger gussets. No matter which Legion design you go with, you’re getting extra defense against the elements. It’s just a matter of which element you’re most concerned about.

5. Best Protection: Fox Bomber

The Bomber represents the high water mark in the Fox Racing gloves lineup, with sporty good looks inspired by the best ATV and UTV gloves and genuine goatskin on the backside of the globe. The Bomber features the same strong, durable double-layer Clarino palm as the Pawtector, but the knuckle guards are beefed-up relative to that glove, molded from hard thermoplastic polyurethane instead of rubber for extra protection against hazards. The guards have a cool carbon-fiber look that’s sure to turn heads. Silicone grips on the finger tips provide plenty of lever grip, but as an added plus, the Bomber features a touchscreen-compatible fingertip and thumb. Take selfies to your heart’s content while you’re out riding.

6. Most Comfortable: Fox Flexair

Opposite Fox Racing gloves like the Pawtector and Bomber, there are minimalist glove designs like the Flexair, which prioritizes fit, comfort, and a lightweight feel. Conductive thread on the thumb and forefinger make it touchscreen compatible, and it boasts the same TruFeel thermoplastic rubber fingertips for tactile sensation as the Bomber LT. But the Flexair foregoes a set of bulky knuckle protectors and Clarino fabric construction, settling for a simple blend of 95% nylon, 5% spandex, stretching and conforming to your hand’s shape and resulting in a glove that fits like… well, a glove. It might just be the most comfortable ATV glove you ever wear.

7. Fox Airline

Another minimalist option in the Fox Racing gloves lineup, the Airline is about as close as you can get to riding barehanded without leaving your gloves at home. It boasts an exceptional fit and lightweight feel thanks to its simple single-layer Clarino palm and ultra-light nylon construction, but that’s not to say it’s devoid of useful features. The Airline boasts the same grippy silicone fingertips and TruFeel fingertip knobbies as some of Fox’s more expensive glove designs, giving you ample control, grip, and tactile sensation out on the trail.

8. Fox Racing Defend Gloves

While many of the gloves on this list have been designed for mountain biking, it doesn't mean that they won't work for the racing minded or trail riding ATV enthusiast. The Fox Racing Defend glove was constructed for riders who wanted a lightweight glove that offered good mobility and a durable palm. The big selling point for these gloves is the use of D3O impact absorbing armor that protects your hands from harsh impact. If you're not familiar with D3O, be sure to look it up and you'll understand why we're a fan of these gloves.

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What should you look for in racing gloves?

If you are considering ATV racing, you want gloves that offer exceptional protection. Something like the Fox Bomber provides great knuckle protection in the event you get hammered with roost or have a get off and crack your hand on something hard. Grip is also a concern, but most good gloves will give you plenty of grip and control.

Can minimalist gloves provide enough protection for my hands?

Maybe. Minimalist gloves will give you protection from things like blisters from your machine's grips and they will typically have reinforced palms which can help avoid cuts and scrapes. But you don't get the hard armor protection you'd get from some more extreme gloves that will help protect you from getting your knuckles banged up.

Aaron Brzozowski
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