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Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney

Protect your hands and improve grip with these ATV gloves

Choosing the best ATV gloves is a bit of a tricky proposition. One of the big reasons why is that there just aren’t a lot of gloves designed specifically for ATV riders and UTV drivers.

Us four-wheel dirt riders generally use gloves designed for other purposes – and most of them work out great, depending what type of riding do and what the outside temperature is like.

Personally, we’ve found some of the very best ATV riding gloves were initially designed for motocross racers, snowmobilers, adventure-touring motorcyclists, and manual laborers. So those are the gloves we are focusing on for this article. We will dig into why we like each of these gloves and what makes them among the best ATV gloves you can buy.

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1. Best Value: Fly Racing Kinetic

The very first ATV gloves we ever owned were a basic pair of lightweight motocross gloves much like the Fly Racing Kinetic gloves. No, they don’t keep your hands terribly warm, but these gloves are super breathable and won’t have your hands sweating like you are on a first date. Features include four-way stretch finger sidewall for flexibility and comfort, reinforced double layer palm and thumb, split knuckles with ventilated gusset, adjustable wrist closure system and silicone finger grippers. Colors change every year, so if you don't mind an older colorway, you can save some money...but even the newest versions are still very easy on the wallet.

2. Best Waterproof Gloves: Fox Legion Water

We don't let a little rain keep us from going out for a ride, but we do prefer to keep our hands warm and dry whenever possible. This is where the Fox Legion Water glove steps in. It features two-layer water-resistant material on the top of the hand, along with a single layer of AX suede on the palm and PU-lined stretch nylon finger gussets - all of which combine to keep the moisture out. Of course, even if the water stays outside, that could mean a little bit of slipping on the handlebars or steering wheel. Fox combats this with silicone grippers on the index and pointer fingers so you can have better grip and control.

3. Best Cold Weather Glove: 100% Brisker

When the mercury starts to drop, keeping your hands warm while you ride is critical. A great pair of gloves for keeping the chill out without adding a lot of bulk are the 100% Brisker ATV gloves. These gloves are built with an insulated soft-shell on the top of the hand mated to a moisture-wicking microfiber interior to keep the sweat from staying inside. Added grip comes from silicone-printed graphics on the palm, while an extended neoprene cuff offers additional coverage. The gloves are also touchscreen compatible with conductive index finger and thumb.

4. Most Protection: Alpinestars MegaWatt

ATV gloves are designed to protect your hands, but there are a number of ways to go about doing this. Some offer lightweight and breathable comfort with minimal protection, while others take the "go big or go home" approach. The Alpinestars MegaWatt falls in the latter category. These gloves come equipped with the impressive PU knuckle protection system to ward off abrasions and impact trauma, along with TPR (thermo plastic rubber) on the fingers. Other features include perforated leather on the top of the hand, reinforced thumb and palm area, silicone grips on the fingers, and a pre-curved design that makes it more comfortable to grab on to the handlebars. It all adds up to next level protection for your hands and fingers.

5. Most Versatile: Mechanix M-Pact

Going in a completely new direction, there are a number of work gloves that we’d rank among the best ATV gloves available. One pair in particular is the Mechanix M-Pact. Though these are meant for working in the garage, they have features that translate well to the trails, including thermoplastic rubber knuckle guards and finger guards. Other features include dual-layer internal fingertip reinforcement and great abrasion resistance.

6. Dainese Tempest D-Dry

Dainese may not be a name a lot of ATV and UTV owners are familiar with, but this Italian brand is well known in the motorcycle world and the Dainese Tempest D-Dry gloves are a great option for four-wheel enthusiasts. We’ve had Dainese gloves in our gear bag for years and these ones in particular offer great features. These gloves are waterproof and insulated – perfect when temperatures start to get a little colder. They also offer added protection with impact-absorbing inserts, and hard knuckle protection. Fingers are also pre-curved for more comfort. These are going to be more expensive than some of the simpler ATV gloves we've talked about, but the added protection and warmth make them a worthwhile choice.

7. Carhartt Flex Tough II

Another work glove option that can do double duty on the trails is the Carhartt Flex Tough II. Made from textured, breathable spandex with synthetic palm and foam padding, these gloves are designed to add warmth and comfort without sacrificing grip. Other feature include neoprene-reinforced knuckles and a brow (or goggle) wipe.

Recent Updates

April 13, 2021: Added the Fox Legion Water, 100% Brisker, and Alpinestars MegaWatt to the list.

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Whys should I wear ATV gloves?

It’s worth pointing out that you definitely should be wearing gloves when riding ATVs or driving UTVs. Motorcyclists have a very poignant theory and it fits with ATV and UTV enthusiasts just the same – All the Gear, All the Time! Basically, this means that any time you go for a ride, you need to be properly protected. Accidents happen when you least expect it, so don’t short yourself by being lazy and not gearing up the right way. Gloves might not seem like essential gear, but they are definitely important. Not only will ATV gloves help protect you from rocks and debris kicked up from other riders, but they can also make your ride more comfortable. Good gloves will help keep blisters down and offer better grip on your ATV handlebars or UTV steering wheel. They also offer additional warmth when the mercury drops and additional protection in the event of a crash.

What makes for a good pair of ATV gloves?

A good pair of ATV gloves should provide protection from impacts, be comfortable enough that you will always wear them when you ride, offer some added grip on your handlebars (or UTV steering wheel), and keep you warm. The trick is finding the right balance to meet your specific needs.

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