Go Berserk With Tires From Braven OffRoad

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There’s nothing quite like ripping down a dirt trail, fresh air invading your nostrils, the sound of a motor keeping time with your heartbeat… But in order to do this right, you know you need more than just a solid machine – you also need a solid set of tires to ensure your steed achieves optimal performance.

Introducing Braven OffRoad, formed in 2015 as the powersports division of Pit Bull Brands, LLC. Pit Bull Tires has been in business since 1994, putting out exceptional products for over 25 years, thanks to hard work and dedication, and Braven OffRoad is no different.

Living by the Golden Rule and being accountable for one’s words and actions are key principles for Braven OffRoad – they not only guide their staff in everyday life, but are at the root of the company and how it’s run. Without integrity, accountability, and honor, you have nothing, and Braven OffRoad takes this messaging to heart. This is an American-owned company backed by strong American values, making products meant to help you get the most out of your vehicle. Period.

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With the evolution of the off-road industry comes the opportunity for outdoors enthusiasts to enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities. As a result, off-road vehicles can be endlessly accessorized: add to gun racks, tackle boxes, and so much more, which has only added to their versatility. But the most important accessory of all is a set of high-quality tires that will help you and your vehicle achieve maximum performance in all types of terrain. After all, what’s the point of going fishing if you can’t even get to your favorite fishing hole?

That’s why Braven OffRoad offers the Berserker Cross-X ATV/UTV radial tire: for those riders who need to get places, whether it’s through a solid mud pit or up a rocky climb to that perfect mountain vista. Called the Berserker after the legendary Viking warriors, this tire more than earns the name. It’s tough—no, more than that, it’s Viking tough.

If you know anything about Vikings, that’s a strong claim to make, and one that Braven doesn’t take lightly. With this tire, you can go ‘berserk’ out on the trails – making even an average driver look like a pro – and turning you into a hero on 4-wheels. Superman? Batman? No, that’s Joe, on his ATV, giving those kids in the mud pit a run for their money, thanks to his Berserkers.

That’s because these tires feature an aggressive tread, meant to increase traction. It has a serious forward and lateral bite that will keep you on track without packing up. Made with eight-ply radial construction, this tire features sturdy sidewalls that will handle not only horsepower, but also the tough terrain we all know you plan on tackling — while the thick sidewall treatment ensures the most vulnerable part of your tire remains protected. The Berserker is approved as a professional desert tread (PDT) racing tire, and is DOT approved for ATV/UTV use.

Add on Braven Ironside ATV/UTV wheels, and you have yourself a nice-looking setup! The 14” Ironside cast aluminum wheel is lightweight and made from strong material. They offer a sleek look, and can handle tough terrain easily and effortlessly. Choose from black or machined black to perfectly compliment your ride.

A company backed by strong values and even stronger products, Braven OffRoad truly upholds the standards set by its parent company, Pit Bull Tires. Right now, as a special thank you to ATV.com readers, Braven is offering a discount for 10% off their products, using the code LIVEBRAVE101019 – so click here to go to bravenoffroad.com and get yours today! Then get back to ripping up the trail like a berserker.

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