SuperATV Portal Gear Lift: Off-Road Accessories

Seth Fargher
by Seth Fargher
The SuperATV portal gear lift is an efficient solution to give your UTV some extra ground clearance while providing up to a 45% reduction in gearing.

Any serious mud rider knows there are a few essentials for hardcore mud riding. Among them are taller, aggressive tires and a lift to get you up out of the slop. Unfortunately, big tires come at a price and there’s usually a great deal of horsepower that is sacrificed to turn those big heavy meats. This in turn puts extra stress on things like axles and clutches. An efficient solution to help you get all that power back is the SuperATV portal gear lift.

For starters SuperATV vertically relocated the axle centerline while retaining factory steering geometry, which helps to increase the life of your axles, differential and drive train components. That’s all well and good, but the piece de resistance is the gear box providing a 1.82:1 gear reduction (approximately 45%), which allows you to retain the use of all that torque that was robbed the moment you installed that set of massive tires. Couple that with 4-6 inches of added lift and you’re ready to take on any mud hole.

With all those moving parts, reliability is a worthy concern, especially considering most people plan to use this in wet and muddy conditions. Rest assured that the SuperATV Portal Gear Lift system is engineered and manufactured to last.

Impenetrable Bearings and Seals

  • First in the industry thrust bearing that is specifically designed to take axial load, unlike the standard bearing that is only sufficient for radial loads
  • Automotive grade bearings
  • Press fit, precision ground gears and shafts to eliminate unwanted slop

Precision-Ground Gears: drive gear, idler gear and driven gear

  • Precision-ground chromium titanium alloy gears for industry best performance
  • Eliminates friction for reduced heat, noise and allows you to run at higher speeds
  • Reduced friction build-up
  • Quiet gears at all speeds
  • Performs at machine’s fullest capacity

If you’re a serious mud rider and are considering adding a lift and bigger tires, take a look at the SuperATV portal gear lift. It’s a pricey addition, but can you really put a price on performance?

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Seth Fargher
Seth Fargher

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