We are cleaning out the ATV.com garage and giving away some wheels and tires we tested a few months back. Up for grabs are two sets each of MB 11 Wheels and Rage Storm Tires from Discount Tire.

You can read all about these wheels and tires in our review article, but here are some highlights. The MB 11 alloy wheels come with unique bolt-on scratch guards, which look like beadlocks but serve to protect the outer lip of the rim from rocks, roots and other trail debris. The Rage Storm tires feature two center ribs, wrap-around sidewall tread lugs and work well as a general purpose tire. You can learn more about the MB 11 wheels here and the Rage Storm tires here.

To win, all you need to do is leave an entertaining comment and/or photo at the bottom of this post. What do we mean by entertaining? Get creative and have fun. Tell us your favorite ride story (keep it PG) or about your worst flat tire experience or show us a picture of that time your machine really got stuck in the mud. We will pick our two favorites and contact the winners on Friday, November 27, 2015.

Keep in mind that these tire/wheel combinations have been used by us and will not be in brand new condition. They do, however, have enough miles left in them for you to find some new adventures and come up with new stories.

Prize 1:

  • 4 12-inch MB 11 Wheels – 4-110mm bolt pattern
  • 2 26” x 9” R12 (225/75 R12) Rage Storm Tires (6-ply)
  • 2 26” x 11” R12 (275/65 R12) Rage Storm Tires (6-ply)

Prize 2

  • 4 14-inch MB 11 Wheels – 4-110mm bolt pattern
  • 2 26” x 9” R14 (225/65 R14) Rage Storm Tires (8-ply)
  • 2 26” x 11” R14 (275/55 R14) Rage Storm Tires (8-ply)

Discount Tire tells us these will fit the following models, among others: Honda Pioneer 700, Honda Rubicon IRS, Honda Foreman IRS, Kawasaki Brute Force 660 and 750 IRS, Suzuki King Quad IRS, Yamaha Grizzly 660-700 IRS, Yamaha Rhino, and Yamaha Viking (center cap will not fit).

Click here to read the contest rules and regulations.



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  • Jesse moffatt

    I have a can am outlander 1000 that just chews through tires. A set of some slightly used tires and wheels would sure be great. Thank you

  • Jerry Gallion

    Nothing worse than riding in the mountains and loosing a tire. Had to drive to the top of the mountain to be able to load the quad on a trailer and get it back to camp. Lost the wheel bearing. 3 hrs later back on the trsils

  • Thanks for the comments. Keep them coming!

  • mcdsbikes

    I own and operate a small atv/motorcycle repair/resale/salvage operation here in central Kentucky. As we usually have a few machines on hand for sale. I am fortunate to have a choice of what to ride/use on any given occasion. Hence the story: On a certain Saturday night the internal decision was made to go look in on the family property located just a few short miles away. Decision made and transport chosen, off I go. Now there are two basic straight forward routes to the aforesaid property. The two routes are a public road and an offroad excursion thru territory that I have known all my life. Well; in this instance, I opted for the offroad adventure package! Passage was made thru the terrain involved in a rather haphazard manner as part of the family land was located along the route to the family home. A few detours to this part and the other developed and pieces were lost from the chosen ride/conveyance. The lost parts were to be noticed at a later date! So on to tale: Arrived at the family home in one piece and looked around the property to see if there was anything amiss. All seemed well so back home I go…by the same route I came by!!! This is where things got a little different! In the process of retracing the original path, twilight/dark fell and things went awry! In the full dark of the evening, my path seemed to change and after passing thru the same spot twice the third pass brought me to a halt. Sitting in water chest deep with my machine out of action, I had no choice but to walk out. Calling shanks mare into action out I go. There is more to this tale, but that is for another time.

    • Lucas Cooney

      Congrats – you are the second prize winner. I sent you an email with instructions. You’ll receive whatever set Hunter doesn’t want.

    • Congrats, MCDSBikes. You are the second prize winner (12-inch wheels/tires package). Please respond to the email I sent so we can ship that out to you.

  • Joseph Clinton Burgess

    I have a 2012 Terxy4 and would love some new shoes.

  • Vince Djvnice Rogers

    My Honda Pioneer 500 is legendary in my neck of the woods for being tough as nails, raising eyebrows, and earning the respect of the “monster” side by sides that ride with me. What really makes the difference for this little “monster” is the right tire combination. I’ve tried several and it appears so far that the zilla tire is the right fit for my P5. In addition to the 27 inch zilla, I added “TireBlocks” inside them and I have not had any flats or popped tires since.

  • Richard N Grenier

    The stock tires on my rancher dont get the job done luckilly im a fantastic driver but that only goes so far without the right equipment. Gotten stuck when i really shouldn’t have. That reminds me, i need a winch too. Lol

  • hunter

    I work in the engineering powersports industry and would love to grab a set of these for our quads and SXS’ so we can do some testing on them to see how well they perform!

  • hunter

    I work in the engineering powersports industry and would love to grab a set of these for our quads and SXS’ so we can do some testing on them to see how well they perform! Just last week I popped three different beads on three different tires while doing light riding; I didn’t even hit a rock or anything. Poor tire choice and low tire pressure is what I believe led to this failure, but its still not fun riding back 10+ miles, three different times, on a tire that looks like its shredded to pieces and rides like a square. Besides that, we of course had a RZR that wasnt sure if it wanted to go left or right while making a turn….and it ended up looking something like this.

    • Lucas Cooney

      Hunter – you are the first-prize winner. I’ve sent you an email. Please get back to me and pick with prize you want and we’ll ship it out to you.

    • Congratulations to Hunter for winning the first prize. Hunter chose the 14-inch wheels/tires package, which will be shipping shortly.

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