Teixeira Tech XGC Radius Rods and A-arm Review

ATV.com Staff
by ATV.com Staff
Teixeira Tech XGC RZR XP 1000 Rocks
The ground clearance RZR owners need with a durable, innovative design

Enjoying 13.5 inches of ground clearance, the Polaris RZR XP 1000 seemingly rides high above all of the rocks, logs, and other trail clutter that impact the underside of many other UTVs. Once you start getting used to all the extra room between you and the ground, that’s about the time you suffer a big hit to a lower A-arm or radius rod, potentially ending your day.

Teixeira Tech out of Tracy, Calif., has spent the last two years developing its X-Treme Ground Clearance A-Arms and Radius Rods for the RZR 900, and now the RZR XP 1000. Teixeira focused much of its effort on designing and developing a rear radius rod that solved the bending issues associated with tubular designs that it discovered during Teixeira’s initial prototype testing. The result is a Radius rod and A-arm set that we feel is second to none.

XGC A-Arms

Teixeira Tech tells us that it designed the XGC A-arms arms to deliver X-Treme ground clearance over the widest possible area; adding two inches of additional clearance where you need it most. They’re constructed with lightweight, 1 ¼-inch Chromoly tubing for superior strength and rigidity. As well, they accept stock or OE size replacement bushings and work with stock or optional heavy-duty Frap Ball Joints. Only the lower A-arms are currently available; however, Teixeira Tech will soon be offering Chromoly replacement upper arms as well.

XGC Radius Rods

Like its A-arms, Teixeira’s lower radius rods are designed to deliver X-Treme ground clearance over the widest possible area. Teixeira says the boxed I-beam design provides superior strength, rigidity, and lighter weight compared to tubular style, high ground clearance rods. Teixeira’s XGC rods come complete with U.S. made, high strength, PTFE- lined rod ends and corrosion-resistant stainless steel reducers.

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Teixeira Tech XGC RZR XP 1000 Left A-arm

You can match your XGC components to your vehicle thanks to a variety of power coated colors.

While not installed on our machine at the time of testing, Teixeira Tech also offers upper radius rods constructed of one-inch Chromoly tubing. Along with being lighter than the stock, Teixeira claims they can withstand three times the pressure of the stock rods before bending. Threaded Heim joints at the end of the rods allow you to adjust the rear wheels’ camber (the amount the wheels lean in at the top) to help fine-tune the handling of your car.

Other Benefits

Teixeira Tech offers its rear Radius Rods as a complete set of four, or you can purchase the upper and lower rods separately. If you want more clearance and strength, add the lower rods. If you want to tune the caster of the rear wheels and don’t feel the need for more ground clearance, you can simply order the upper rods by themselves. When Teixeira Tech releases its upper front A-arms, they too will be available as upper or lower arms by themselves, or as a complete set. This lets you buy what you need without having to pay for what you don’t.

Teixeira Tech XGC RZR XP 1000 Left Rear

Teixeira Tech XGC components don’t require any changes to the stock shocks.

What’s better is that the XGC arms and rods don’t change the suspension geometry in any way, so there’s no need to adjust, modify, or replace your stock shocks, which could cost thousands of dollars.

Like its ATV chassis components, Teixeira’s XGC A-arms and Radius Rods are available in a number of powder coat colors, with a brilliant chrome finish.

The Test

Over the past year, Allen Knowles, former pro ATV racer and current CT Racing Engines boss, has headed up our RZR testing program. He has logged 1,500 miles in a Teixeira Tech- equipped RZR XP 900, and over 1000 miles in our Buck Racing- built RZR XP 1000, also equipped with Teixeira Tech’s XGC lower A-arms and Radius Rods.

Teixeira Tech XGC RZR XP 1000 Action

We put our Texeira Tech XGC components through 2,500 miles of testing and came away impressed at their toughness.

Under Allen’s lead foot, our 1000 and Teixeira’s components have been subjected to multiple long distance weekend adventure rides. They’ve also seen several days of extra intense abuse in rock gardens, pounding whoops, and launching cliff jumps for our cameras and, most recently, for Dirt Wheels Magazine. Our shoot took place in California’s Dumont Dunes and the surrounding desert, the perfect place to put the chassis parts to the test.

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On the desert trails at Dumont, Teixeira’s XGC components shined. Crawling through rock beds, you can easily see where the extra clearance provided by the Teixeira components allowed them to miss rocks that would have bashed into the stock, front A-arms, demonstrating why Knowles had previously destroyed two stock lower front A-arms. The Radius Rods offered more ground clearance for the bottom of the chassis for a good amount of their length, making them extremely difficult to clip trail obstacles with.

Teixeira Tech XGC RZR XP 1000 Action Front

Rocks that would bash into stock A-arms and radius rods pass safely under our RZR outfitted with Teixeira Tech XGC components.

The Verdict

After over 2,500 combined miles on Teixeira’s XGC components with our RZRs, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Besides enhancing clearance, the finish and materials have held up well, despite the few times where we kicked up a rock or pushed the clearance of the components to their limits. Even with all of the cliff jumping and hundreds of miles of pounding whoops, the Teixeira Tech components are showing no signs of powder coat chipping or cracking due to bending or excessive flexing.

Teixeira Tech XGC RZR XP 1000 Action Water

Teixeira Tech’s XGC A-Arms and Radius Rods are tough as nails, do their job beautifully, and are a must-have upgrade for trail warriors and racers alike.

For more information on Teixeira Tech’s XGC A-arms and Radius Rods, visit TeixeiraTech.com.


XGC Lower A-Arms: $395.00

XGC Lower Radius Rods: $335.00

Upper Radius Rods: $235.00

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ATV.com Staff

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