The Evolution of the ATV Backflip + Video

Seth Fargher
by Seth Fargher
the evolution of the atv backflip video
Turning the world of freestyle upside down.

Freestyle motocross has evolved over the years, but to this day one of the more monumental moments in the sport was the first ever backflip on at ATV. Since that time a number of courageous souls have attempted the feat and more than a few banged themselves up in the process. Here are a handful of videos that show the progression of the ATV backflip over the years. Some of the riders who have performed this incredible stunt include Jon and Derek Guetter, Caleb and Colten Moore, Christian Gannon, Marco Picado, Cody Elkins, JR Hinds, Nicholas Hicky, Devin Humphrey, Rafa Munoz and John Distler.