Tread Lightly! Announces Polaris Adventures as Newest Official Partner

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

Those of you taking advantage of the new Polaris Adventures program, a premium membership deal that lets you sample from the Polaris portfolio of rigs, have some new features baked into your monthly fees.

Tread Lightly! is a U.S.-based non-profit organisation whose inconveniently-placed punctuation in its name regularly vexes the spellcheck program on your author’s laptop. More than that, it is also home to a fine group of people dedicated to promoting responsible outdoor recreation through stewardship and educational programs (in other words, they’re good eggs so we’ll endure the errant exclamation point). Last week, they announced Polaris Adventures as its newest official partner.

“Polaris Adventures exists to inspire people to get outdoors and create safe, memorable life experiences utilizing Polaris products,” Jan Rintamaki, vice president and general manager of Polaris Adventures and chair emeritus for Tread Lightly!, said. “With that comes a great responsibility to educate riders on best practices and help preserve trails for generations to come. By officially partnering with Tread Lightly!, we can enhance the work we do already to support such initiatives and, together, make a larger impact.”

2022 Polaris Sportsman 570 Right

With a network of over 200 powersports outfitters under its belt, Polaris Adventures plans to will support Tread Lightly!’s mission to protect off-road trail access and public lands through stewardship projects and education. As part of the affiliation, these outfitters will receive recognition on Tread Lightly! media pages along with – most notably – access to apply for financial grants to deliver portions of TL!’s programs. It’s a long-term investment that should benefit those business involved.

On the flip side, some riders who are members in good standing of the Tread Lightly! group will find extra credits in their account when they sign up for Adventures. Members of the latter cash in these credits for use of rigs like on-road vehicles, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, and pontoons at participating Polaris Adventures Outfitter locations. With this new tie-up, they’ll have a head start on building their bank of credits to hit the road (or trail, or water) more quickly.

Find out more information about this program at the Tread Lightly! or PA websites.

Matthew Guy
Matthew Guy

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