Polaris has been hard at work teasing its new Polaris RZR Pro R (official release date is November 9, 2021) and the latest tidbit they’ve offered in an Instagram post embedded below is that it will be available with a 2-liter engine.

As somebody who remembers how big a deal the first 1000cc ATVs/UTVs were a decade or so back, this is is a bit of a shocker. A 1-liter engine is still the biggest available from the major manufacturers and now Polaris is going to effectively double the displacement of its nearest competitor. That is the very definition of a bold move.

Beyond the enormous new engine, details on the Polaris RZR Pro R are scarce. Polaris has released a pair of shadowy images of a two-seat and four-seat model, but that’s really it as far as stock models go.

However, Polaris did release a wild video with RJ Anderson and the Hoonigan crew in a very much not stock RZR Pro R. That video is embedded below and is very much worth watching just to see Anderson put on a clinic of insane driving skills.



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