UTV Racer Banned After Exiting Car to Attack Another Racer + Video

Seth Fargher
by Seth Fargher
utv racer banned after exiting car to attack another racer video
Clearly tempers were a little high that day...

This past weekend during the Sand Hollow round of the WORCS racing series, a disgruntled UTV racer exited his car and attacked a fellow racer after the trailing racer bumped his car several times. From the video below it appears that the guy in front acknowledged the racer but was unwilling to pull over. What makes the scenario even more interesting is that the lead driver doesn’t have a helmet on. After bumping him several times, the two vehicles came to a stop and the lead driver got out and assaulted the other racer.

A press release from WORCS officials stated, “WORCS has a zero tolerance policy for this type of action, behavior and violation of safety rules and procedures. The racer was immediately disqualified from the event and banned from the series.”

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