Yamaha Celebrates Spending 14 Years – and $5 Million - Supporting Outdoor Access

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

It’s always in the best interest of a company for its customers to have easy access to the environs in which their products will be used. This is why some car companies fund racetracks, sports equipment corporations sponsor fitness facilities, and the Toronto Maple Leafs financially back a golf course.

OK—maybe we made up the last one. But our point stands. Another crew who seeks to help its customers enjoy the vehicles bearing their logo? Yamaha, who’ve been shoveling plenty of money and expertise into its Outdoor Access Initiative.

The program, also known as OAI, has a mission is to provide practical support for efforts which promote safe and responsible use of OHVs. This can range from educating the public on proper recreational land use and wildlife conservation practices, or protection of appropriate, sustainable access to public lands. Trail development, staging areas, educational classes, and conservation projects are all fair game under the OAI.

“It’s immensely gratifying to help communities and improve rider access across the nation through Yamaha’s Outdoor Access Initiative,” said Mike Martinez, president of Motorsports at Yamaha. “Especially when seeing a consistently positive outcome after the program’s 14 years of dedication and determination.” Since its inception, OAI has doled out more than $5 million in funding to groups across America.

Each quarter, Yamaha accepts applications from outfits like non-profit or tax exempt groups, public riding areas, outdoor enthusiast associations, and land conservation organizations,. Organizers also consider apps from communities with an interest in protecting, improving, or maintaining access for use by motorized off-road vehicles. The committee reviews each application and awards funds to projects they feel best capture the spirit of what OAI is trying to promote – the building of a safe and inclusive network for off-road riders.

A number of grants were awarded in the first quarter of this calendar year, including initiatives in places ranging from SoCal to upstate New York. The application deadline for the second quarter of the 2022 funding cycle is June 30th, so head over to YamahaOAI.com for submission guidelines and an application form.

Matthew Guy
Matthew Guy

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