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Cardo's latest PACKTALK PRO available for riders in June

Cardo Systems, a leading provider of wireless communication systems for powersports riders, has introduced the PACKTALK PRO, a new high-end communicator. The standout feature of the PACKTALK PRO is its Crash Detection System, which is designed specifically for on-road motorcycle riders. This system uses sensors to detect impacts similar to what the rider’s head would feel, enhancing response time in emergencies. The Cardo Connect App integrates with the system to manage phone parameters and communicate with the Cardo cloud, which then notifies the rider’s emergency contact.

Cardo Systems has rigorously tested the Crash Detection System through numerous crash trials and extensive field data collection from riders globally. The system utilizes a perpetual learning algorithm, allowing continuous data analysis and improvements based on input from thousands of Cardo riders worldwide.

The PACKTALK PRO also features premium 45mm JBL speakers with an advanced sound processor, delivering high-quality audio for music and communication. The unit is designed to automatically power on and off, conserving battery life by shutting down when the rider is stationary and powering up when in motion.

The PACKTALK PRO is priced at $459 USD

Alon Lumbroso, Chief Executive Officer of Cardo Systems, highlighted the advanced nature of the PACKTALK PRO, noting that the inclusion of crash detection and emergency alerts provides riders with an added layer of security. Lumbroso emphasized Cardo Systems' commitment to enhancing the riding experience through continuous innovation.

The PACKTALK PRO retains features familiar to Cardo Systems' communicators, including Waterproof IP67, Bluetooth 5.2, Over-The-Air Software Updates, fast charging, USB type-C, built-in FM Radio, universal Bluetooth intercom, and a 3-year warranty.

Key features of the PACKTALK PRO include:

  • Crash Detection: Monitors rider safety in real-time.
  • Auto On/Off: Automatic power management.
  • Air Mount: Patented magnetic mount for easy attachment.
  • 2nd Generation DMC: Easy grouping and auto-healing intercom.
  • Sound by JBL: High-quality audio system with 45mm speakers.

The PACKTALK PRO is priced at $459 / €469 and will be available from retailers as a single pack starting mid-June. It can also be ordered directly from Cardo Systems' website. The PACKTALK EDGE will remain available alongside the PACKTALK PRO. Staff Staff

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